My dating advice


So I'm seeing it a lot in real life and even more on here so I just want to clear up a few things with dating so here goes:

My dating advice

1. The time you spend crushing

I've been there spending ages crushing on a guy saying oh I wonder what he thinks this is really common but all you can do is go up to them and ask all you need to say is do you like me because either they say they do and you can possibly start a relationship or they say they don't and you didn't waste any time simple.

2. Compliments

now we all love compliments I get it but there are some things to make your compliments more effective based on the subject and timing.

Things you never want to do when complimenting a crush or partner.

Never ever compare them to your ex even if you say your way better then my ex just don't mention your ex ever don't expect someone to compliment you back if you do and they sense it they won't take the bait and it will annoy them a lot.

What you should do:

Compliment them on things they worked for don't say " oh I love your eyes " he didn't work for his eyes but if you turn up to his football game and say "your so good at football" he'd like it more because its actually personal to him not just his genes.

3. Getting ready for a date

Now I don't know if guys do this but I know I have and my sisters have so when I was getting ready for a date I did the whole I need the perfect outfit I need my makeup to be perfect I need my hair done right I need my nails to be done etc but I dont think many guys really notice exactly what you're wearing my opinion correct me if I'm wrong but they just see a mass of colors not specific items do put in effort they notice that you put effort in but stop noticing later all you need to do is put a little more effort then usual not stress yourself out to be perfect if he is the one he will love you not the jacket you're wearing there are obvious exception but generally this is true.

4. Gifts

now if you can't afford a gift just say your sorry and you can't its not a problem and your only apologising out of politeness but if you want to get a gift put a little thought in but if your not serious don't go too overboard its the same as getting gifts for their parents if you want to get a girl makeup find out what she uses and change it up. A little ask her friends maybe of she wanted to try a new look but when o say don't go overboard if you hear your boyfriend likes baseball and your not super serious don't get him a a ball signed by 300 professional players it might come off as creepy.

5. Don't be the desperate one

I wrote a myTake about how you need to change your mindset but don't be that girl that tries to agree with everything he says just don't be too aggressive and be yourself don't say I love everything you love say is he worth my time.

6. Be original

if you tell a girl she is beautiful if she really is beautiful she's heard it a hindered times today and you don't stand out at all if you say something a bit deeper that she doesn't hear all the time make it specific and show you care i.e your beautiful vs your really good at algebra.

In the same way if you go on about how nice his body is too much he will lose interest eventually because you like his abs not him or at least it will look that way.

7. Don't be afraid to tease them a bit

It makes some people laugh and if your partner playfully makes fun of you you can laugh about it together I've heard a few people saying they didn't want to overstep or actually be rude just try to keep your cool and say what comes into your head but never tease your partner over an actual problem i.e my ex teased me for wearing crocs and its not a real issue so that is a good thing to pick but if she really is having a hard time don't make fun of her for it be supportive.

8. Don't worry

Hey your crushing or your dating someone and your Worried you aren't being nice enough well you are who you are is the person they love and if that isn't true they don't really love "you" they love your coat or your makeup or your body.

I hope you and your current or future partner have a great life.

My dating advice
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  • YHL6965
    Very nice and wise take. About #3, I would probably not notice the amount of work indeed but, most importantly, it's not representative. Sure, I could go on a date with a suit and tie, but it does not represent who I am. What's the point of going on a date if you are not yourself? Again, good advice overall!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Aphrodite801
    Number 3 is what I’ll use now thanks
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  • Browneye57
    Well, the way I see it, is that you have thought of absolutely zero about what YOU bring to a relationship that has high value. You mentioned not one thing you would do for your man. A gift? That's it? This is simply narcissistic and solipsistic advice. Your center of cognizance is about a foot around your own bellybutton!
    • Dav1ss

      Because that not what I wrote this my take about my bad if it was mistitled but this was more about dating a woman so sorry
      I dont know enough about what men like because I'm not a man

    • Browneye57

      Yes, well the problem is that your entire focus is on yourself - nothing about your date. And it's all a bunch of goofy feelings bullshit typical from a young girl. In other words, you're clueless honey.

    • Dav1ss

      I know because I wrote it more for people like me I am pretty clueless since this wasn't written about my date I didn't put much in there about my date

  • CharlyQuinn_
    How can he spend time with her when she ghosts him come on have some respect.
  • LowSelfSteem03
    How come @Dav1ss is so much better with relationships then @Tallestperson.
  • Jjpayne
    That was a fun mytake!! You got to write some more now that you have the time!
  • Lemia
    Its kinda in my nature to buy my girlfriend a lot of gifts and I would feel gulity if she had to paid for everything
    • Dav1ss

      Dont make her pay for everything but dont buy her tons of meaningless gifts because its a waste

    • Lemia

      Define meaningless gift

    • Dav1ss

      Something you didn't think about

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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    For me i actually think all of those are common sense no offense. I'm still single by the way
    • Dav1ss

      I do too but. See so many people asking this stuff

  • Smegskull
    4. NOOO... There is nothing more patronising than having a date buy me a gift.
    • Dav1ss


    • Smegskull

      I hate debt and owing people. A gift is just "Here is something you didn't ask for, now you owe me."
      Also if I don't have something it's because I don't want it. So if someone buys me a gift I either already have one (so it just goes in the bin) or I don't want one (so it just goes in the bin).

    • Dav1ss

      I never expect a gift in return and also maybe its just something you can have tons of ie socks lol

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  • Poormanscomedian
    You know dating today is too much work.
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    • Dav1ss

      Yep I know I'm trying to make it a tad bit easier but it really is

    • FatherJack

      Which is why I don't , plus am a FT working single dad , far too many other priorities and do not want more work.

  • Dragonstarterplus
    Good information for people here
  • LemiaOfTheCodes
    Hi. I heard you can set me up with @Tallestperson
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good mytake
  • NovissimumVirorum
    My advice is to wage war not make love
  • Anonymous
    Actually kinda helpful advise, The only thing I would add is apathy, (at least for men I don’t know if this helps women) we as humans for some reason like what we can’t have so acting like your indifferent to the date so what I mean to that is act like you go on many many dates and this is just a normal occurrence nothing special, do not act exited for the date just act casual, I’ve always had great success on dates when I act as apathetic as possible, every time I showed too much exietment I usually am not successful in impressing her