My experience dating guys, or why girls reject you


I have been dating guys for a couple of months. I'm not attracted to guys, but I simply wanted some sex.

And specially, after much rejection from girls, I was quite curious about what is different with guys just for the learning experience. If I didn't like it, I could simply stop doing it (and that was the case for sure).

I was amazed about how many shit I received. To begin with people was chatting all day long, saying quite inappropriate things, and after long conversations not making an appointment. They were always looking for a better deal, and making plans in the last minute.

I met three guys. They either were weirdos, or quite negative people. And those were the best of the best from the bunch I received messages from.

The rest of them all day long asking me for nudes, and not making an appointment. Since I'm quite sexy, I was receiving a new request from a different person every ten minutes. Shit god, leave me alone.

Why girls act badly around men? Because many men are shit these days, and women are bombarded by them.

These men will do anything needed to get their attention. Being doormats, calling and writing to them all day long, generating plenty of drama, getting too sexy too soon, or purposely ignoring them.

So it reaches a point that it becomes quite hard for girls to keep composure. If you exhibit any of those behaviors, they already had too much of it, and won't have the patience to figure out the extend of them.

My experience dating guys, or why girls reject you
My experience dating guys, or why girls reject you
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