5 Reasons Why I Have Rejected Guys (It's Not All About Looks You Know)


More than once (once most recently) I have been accused of not dating someone because I didn't think they were in my league, which was not the case. A lot of guys seem to think that if a girl rejects them it's because she thinks he isn't attractive enough, which is almost never the case. So here are some reasons I have rejected a guy.

1) We Didn't Have Enough In Common

5 Reasons Why I Have Rejected Guys (It's Not All About Looks You Know)

We just didn't have much to talk about. Not many of the same interests and very different careers paths, it wasn't meant to be.

2) We Had Opposing Opinions

5 Reasons Why I Have Rejected Guys (It's Not All About Looks You Know)

One or two differentiating opinions if fine, but if we disagree on every major topic then it's something difficult to work past. If we share different religious beliefs, different political views, and different views on equality, then we won't have much common ground. It's not that I don't respect your beliefs, it's just that I'd feel closer to someone who has the same beliefs I have.

3) My Family/Friends Didn't Like You As Much As I Did

5 Reasons Why I Have Rejected Guys (It's Not All About Looks You Know)

Even if I find you incredibly hot and I like you, if my loved ones have a bad feeling about you, I'll probably cut things off. There's probably a good reason they feel that way and I trust them. It might not be because you are a bad person, but simply that they don't think you are a good match for me.

4) I Didn't Have Time For A Relationship

5 Reasons Why I Have Rejected Guys (It's Not All About Looks You Know)

People use this as an excuse more often than not, but lots of us have genuinely been in a position where we just didn't have time. It had nothing to do with you, it was just that I was busy caught up in my own life to concern myself with someone else's.

5) I Didn't Think You Would Be Good For Me

5 Reasons Why I Have Rejected Guys (It's Not All About Looks You Know)

You may well be a good guy, but if I feel that you would be unhealthy for my lifestyle or have any negative effects on me, I'll probably cut things off. Again, not because you are a bad person, but because you just lead a different life from my own.

So there you go. Guys, when a girl politely suggests cutting ties, it's most likely not to do with your looks or that she doesn't like you as a person, so don't always jump to those conclusions.

Girls, please add your own reasons why you have cut ties with someone you could have been in a relationship with! (Guys too, if you're up for it)

5 Reasons Why I Have Rejected Guys (It's Not All About Looks You Know)
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  • Rainie_
    Lol at the guys saying it's all about their money, social status and looks. Bitch please, just stop.
    Rejected guys with those things many times before.

    You made good points though, I often find myself not having enough in common or not finding that chemistry with a guy, no matter how good looking or nice he is. If I don't feel the chemistry, or if I can't see us together then it's probably not gonna happen. I don't know how some guys don't understand this.
    But what's sad is, sometimes I do tend to give guys a chance and see if we we could work it out but when we don't work out and I reject him he ends up feeling led on, and if I don't give him a chance he feels bitter as well because I'm not giving him a chance. 🙄
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    • Don't get mad, some guys are still in the "nice guy" phase. The sad part is that some men grow up to be bitter ass old men. I talked to one on a construction site, 45 trying to relate to me at 23, I understood where he was coming from because at the time I was bitter.
      The problem comes in where we can't get sex as easy. For some guys sex is the ultimate "somebody actually loves me type of deal" just being close to a naked woman is a comforting feeling.

    • WillowTree

      @BlackPantherSpeaks Interesting perspective.

    • Rainie_

      @BlackPantherSpeaks Well thats an insight thats good to know

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Most Helpful Guy

  • jjmarvin
    Those are all really good reasons top break up in my opinion. Except 3 lol. I'd be salty as fudge if a girl told me that ha.
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    • matt1209


    • MissMc3

      Thank you and lol yeah, I just tend to put a lot of trust in my moms and friends opinions

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  • FashionQueen86
    I respect all of your priorities. I think like some responses here, #3 would kind of be fishy to me, becuase it's like on one hand, I'd want to be in charge of who I date and not have someone decide for me if somebody is bad. On the other hand, I may not be able to see a red flag as clear as somebody else (like family and friends). So, this one is very tricky.
    • MissMc3

      I know what you're saying and I feel the same way. But on the chance that more than one person I'm close to is saying it's a bad idea then it probably is and I'm just not paying attention to the signs like they are

  • MagiAlphaOne

    Men are getting tired of the "games". Ladies, how often do you hear each other say, "where have all the good men gone?"

    Too many of you possess any redeeming qualities... especially Western Women.

    - Women behave more like Men
    - Women don't behave like Women anymore. BE FEMININE... PLEASE!
    - Lack of Intregity. If you say that you are going to meet him at a particular day/time... BE THERE! DON'T FLAKE.
    - Feminists. Despite what you may say, its Man hating
    - Entitlement mentality
    - Nagging
    - Too picky

    And frankly, Women are dangerous. False Rape allegations. A Wife can make ONE call to the Police and get the Husband thrown out of his own home. And I could go on and on.

    So what are Men doing in response? Some are just walking away... and the numbers are growing! Other Men simply DON'T CARE what you think. They learn Pickup Artist skills. And there's Tom Leykis... and its harsh Ladies...

    Leykis 101 Rules:
    1. Don't compliment women.
    2. Don't give women all the attention they crave.
    3. Date women with low self-esteem.
    4. Don't spend more than $40 on a date.
    5. Stop dating women who don't give up or put out sex by the third date.
    6. Don't date single mothers, because they are looking for the next stepfather, and they pay more attention to their children than to their boyfriends.
    7. Don't live with single mothers, especially in states where judges force live-in boyfriends to pay child support.
    8. Don't go to a club where your date is on the band's guest list. She really wants someone in the band instead.
    9. Don't get married before 25.
    10. Always use a condom. Don't trust women to be solely responsible for contraception or disease prevention.
    • Mrwoo99

      Women want to be men that's why but can't because of biological differences and everytime women try to be like males it just looks unattractive and disgusting that I want to puke. The amount of women doing male jobs or sports as such is ridiculous like womanhood is none existent anymore. Since feminism now I have no use for a woman except sex because there's no women to cook, clean, nurture my children and bring feminine values in to a relationship as such so what's point seeing them as relationship material? Women this generation are going to find it very difficult to find long lasting love and commitment in long term as they jump from relationship to cock to relationship and so on. Feminism is ruinin women day by day and i hate to sit here and watch this shift.

    • @Mrwoo99 I agree. To sum up a very important point you make... Ladies, you are not "wife material".


  • ginny_weasley
    I once rejected someone because it was obvious he only cared for my body not my mind
    I once rejected someone because his best friend also liked me and I didn't want him to have to choose between us
  • Luci92
    Why do people keep adding in these bullshit criteria about money and looks etc? I'm pretty sure you mean what you've written lol, nice take by the way :)
    • MissMc3

      Lol I know right? Thank you!

    • Luci92

      It's crazy lol.
      Welcome :)

  • ParamountArmada
    1 the age old lame excuse, you dont have to have "all" the same interests, just the obvious ones you really need.
    2 ok fair enough
    3 its your life not there's, girls seriously gotta get out of that social shit and start deciding things for themselves, grow up! and stop thinking mommy and daddy have to hold your hand everywhere you go. your an adult now.
    4 ok, ok, when you do, what then, when you rejected all the guys around you?
    your options: be alone or be a lesbian.
    5 i totally agree.
  • Spermdumster666
    LMAO sounds like you just want to date a male version of yourself. I find that opposites attract and thats certainly true with my guy. My strengths are in areas where he is weak and vice-versa.
  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Women are just far too picky and immature. Thanks to women marriage and family has gone down the drain.
  • yucel_eden
    A girl and I wanted each other really badly. To be honest if she wanted I was prepared to move heaven and earth. I did coz we were so far apart.

    Then her friends say something to her

    Hasn't spoken since
  • NajemEddine
    reason 6
    i want a guy with 9 figures paycheck , handsome , and doesn't look at any women than me = a unicorn
    • Mrwoo99

      Don't forget status... this is why the MGTOW movement is growing. Women are ridiculous these days for what they want in a man. If any man conforms to women in western society who indoctrinated by feminism is a fool.

    • @Mrwoo99 women are crazy :p

  • WillowTree
    Great take! I can relate very much.

    I've rejected guys for their poorly managed lifestyle, criminal history, and because I was just going through too much shit at the time. Sometimes I just have too much baggage and stress going on or I'm just too busy and I really don't have time or emotional energy to invest in a guy. He might be nice. He might be cute, but whatever I'm dealing with is just going to take over my life. I won't ever be able to relax or be myself with him because I'm thinking about other shit.
  • bloodmountain1990
    Having no common interests is somewhat of a deal breaker for me as well as like you said, won't have much to talk about. Now, we don't have to have EVERYTHING in common, but at least a few things.

    Only way it'd be ok to have nothing in common is if you're both at least willing to explore others interests/hobbies.

    Physical appearance isn't everything but you can't completely lack it just like how you can't completely lack things in common.
  • Mrwoo99
    BS my take, women don't care about these things when your goodlooking, have money and status. I don't understand why women lie about this stuff.
    • btbc92

      This doesn't apply to all women. Because I have been by myself for so many years by choice. Some women are more in-tune with what energy you project as both a human being, and as an individual person we just know that your not for us. And as years go by or when we hear breakup details of your relationships, our suspicions about you are usually true. But I do agree that a lot of women meets your opinion. Just don't group every female on the planet that. Because looks is meaningless to me and on the very bottom of the list. Like I always say its very deceitful to rely on looks alone as the benefactor for you to jump a relationship with somebody.

    • Mrwoo99

      @btbc92 criminals, assholes and misogynists as such are getting relationships and sex more than good guys. It doesn't matter as long you have good looks, money and status that's all matters to women. I wish women would just come clean about that instead of confusing us with what's attractive and wasting our times. Us men dont listen to what women advise us to do we just watch and all I see is looks money and status.

    • btbc92

      @Mrwoo99 I'm the exact same way when I just want honesty. I don't have the time to be fooling around and playing wit someone's head. But you also have to remember that this is what the media is telling women to do, act and behave.

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  • NatashaJ
    I don't think you have to give a reason unless they ask I mean when can people just accept its over and move on? I know its hard but there reason for everything.
  • RainbowFanGirl
    I would also reject a guy if they were very selfish.
  • Dark_Scorpio
    Yeah number 3 is a stupid reason. You basically let your family dictate your relationship.
    • Rainie_

      It can be both good and bad. When you really like someone or when you are in love, at times you become blinded by the things that are bad about the person and sometimes you need to be told that this is not healthy for you. Different perspectives is always good sometimes, but you don't have to do exactly as they tell you to.

    • WillowTree

      Eh, I need my family in my life. My future kids need their grandparents on both sides to spoil the shit out of them on holidays. Sometimes your family can see problems that you can't when you're blinded by love or infatuation.

    • @Rainie_ @WillowTree I'm not saying having an outside opinion is bad, but to me the way it's worded says that if family dislike something about her he'd dump her even if he doesn't. To me that's the same as my mom trying to get me to break up with an old girlfriend just because she was white.

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  • macix670
    I've rejected attractive men because I didn't like their personality and they weren't my type.
  • cth96190
    If those really are criteria that you use, then I think that it is fair enough.
  • Just came here to look at the sexy cowgirl boots in the first pic lol
  • meatballs21
    I'd reject someone who wanted to go trespassing on railway lines to take stupid shoe pictures.
  • YourFutureEx
    Because who comes online to write one's own dark side...
  • HarvestMoon
    Meh. These reasons are kind of obvious and mundane. I liked the "5 Reasons Why I Rejected Girls in College" better.
  • art84
    Surprised there isn't a no job or car as reasons for rejecting a guy.
  • John_Doesnt
    I could fill in every one of those with "he didn't have a car/job"
  • AlwaysBelieving
    #1, #2, and #3. Assume that you know him previously. Are you talking about you've known the guy for a bit?
  • TheButterfly
    Reading the majority of the guys comments makes me loose faith in humanity
  • iCroissant
    I wish EVERY girl didn't have all five of these reasons.
  • slackercruster
    Good post, impressive writing skills!
  • Pacificblue62
    Cool give yourself a medal. You're a saint for all you good deeds. Be proud
  • Keepcalm89
    Makes a lot of sense
  • TruExo
    How I deal with rejection. OK cool.

    • Ouch

    • TruExo

      @Hateguysplay1 she didn't want me. Why should I cry about it?

    • Maybe she does. Have you tried hard? Flowers, cry, sincere I'm sorry instead through messages all those work

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  • Muhammad1999
    Nice take
  • Anonymous
    The only ones I had a problem with are 3 and 5. In my experience most people have awful intuition. Friends and family can all be wrong. Sometimes these situations happen out of jealousy of them not having you to themselves as much as they used to so they are going to hate the person. Other times it's because the boyfriend is too different from them rather than you and they don't like things that are different from themselves. I'm perfectly fine dating someone that other people in my life don't like. They're judging what they think is an ideal boyfriend which could very well be different from what you see as an ideal boyfriend. Friends and family set up blind dates for people all the time and the person they set you up with is god awful.
    • MissMc3

      Well for my life personally, I don't know about you, but I tend to have a lot of faith in the people I choose as friends and there are specific family members I know would never try to steer me away from anything that made me happy, even if they didn't agree with everything the person has to offer.
      A lot of people have complained about number 3, but maybe they just don't have the right kind of people in their life to give them advice.

    • 19magic

      I agree with you one of my friends boyfriends isn't great for her and I've told her so. She even admits to me that everyone hates him but I know it's not a relationship that's going to last. So the point here is that I might get advice from friends and family but they allow me to make my mistakes and learn from them other then forcing their 'teachings' on me.

  • Anonymous
    Every girl making shit up in comments because they behind screen lol Explains why most of you are creepy and sad and lonely
  • Anonymous
    Guys, this is why i keep saying... WOMEN ARE MEANT AS SEXUAL OBJECTS, what is wrong with you guys. Its simple... lead women on... treat them nice... have sex and dump them... sure there will be a hundred women that reject you, but there will be many that will risk it and that's your chance. I think guys are stupid for falling into the traps of women... you guys will just become sexually frustrated. Modern women are only meant for having sex... and nothing else... don't buy into the bullshit love thing. Wake up guys
    • Mrwoo99

      We think alike bro, I am looking for an international girlfriend for relationship instead who has traditional values and behaves submissive and like a lady who are not brainwashed by feminism.

    • NatashaJ

      @Mrwoo99 guess what guys karma is a bitch and I don't think a lot of girls want to be with man whores either. It goes both ways.

    • Anonymous

      #NatashaJ How would you know you are with a man whore?

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I don't really get asked out much, and recently I had to reject a guy because my friend is interested in him. It sucks because he is on my check list for everything. I have social anxiety, so it's hard for me to meet guys and have a conversation with them. With this guy, I never had issues with talking to him. We have everything in common, we work the same hours and days (I work six days a week and shift work) we have the goals in life and the same interests. It still bothers me even though it's a year later since he first asked because I really like him a lot. He's part of my social group which is how I met him. I've never had this with a guy before. He asks me out quite a bit, but I have to say no for my friends sake. He's not interested and he says he never will like her, but I can't do that to her. She's with someone now, but she says the moment he notices her she is going to dump the guy she is with for him.
    • Thatguy321

      Forget that friend! If this guy means that much to you, go after him! This could be your possible soul mate, ya know?

    • "All is fair in love and war"... I'm just gonna leave this here lol. You did a selfless thing but we do only live once...

    • Thatguy321

      Yeah what he said too!

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  • Anonymous
    Lol no the real reason is because they did not have enough points for you to think they were a catch in looks, social status and money.