Stupid and overused things girls say on their dating profiles


Here's the deal with tinder, most guys will swipe right on every girl, this means girls don't need to try very hard, particularly with their bios. As a result, over and over again, I see girls using the most stupid and overused phrases in their bios. I'm at a point now where I don't care how attractive a girl I match with is, if I see any of this in her bio, I'm not going to bother.

Stupid and overused things girls say on their dating profiles

1. Just here for a laugh

Going in hard for the first one, this one has to take the cake for the most stupid and overused phrase on tinder. The only thing worse than it is the alternative version "Just here for a laff"...When the hell did laugh become "laff"?

We get it, you're on tinder and you want a guy, but you're worried about being seen as desperate so you act like it's a joke....Unless you genuinely want people to believe that your life is so lame and your level of humor so low that wasting time on tinder is worth it for a 'laff'.

2. Here for a good time, not a long time

When I first went on tinder, I actually starting seeing a girl who had this in her bio. We lasted one month before she asked me "What are we?"...Hang on a second, I thought you were the cool casual girl who wasn't here for a long time?

Put this on your bio and most guys will think you just want NSA sex. Simple as that. And if that is what you're after, can't you think of a more original way of saying it?

3. Looking for a wholesome guy

I get it, you're a "wholesome" girl, looking for a "wholesome" guy so you can have a "wholesome" time. Anything else in your vocab or is just whatever the current internet buzzword is?

4. Send me $5 and see what happens

Thankfully this one has mostly died out now, although I occasionally still see it. For those who are unaware, some girl had a little genius idea and put this on her profile. She sent her paypal to every chode she matched with and the losers sent her $5, probably hoping she'd send them nudes or something. In the end all she did was unmatch them. Suddenly every second amateur gold digger puts this on their profile, some of them probably even dudes with fake girl profiles. So inspirational, the only thing more pathetic are the guys who actually sent them money.

Stupid and overused things girls say on their dating profiles

5. Just here for your dog

Wouldn't blame you, my dog's a King...But unfortunately he's in a committed relationship with my other dog so you'll have to look elsewhere.

6. I heard you like bad girls, I'm bad at everything

A little self deprecating humor, nothing wrong with that....Apart from the fact the last 100 girls already said the exact same thing.

7. Feed me

I don't care how cute you look, say this shit and I'm picturing some gigantic beast who's about to eat me. At least use the other variation that the cheapskates use.. "buy me food". But either way, don't expect people to respect you as a woman when this is all you can literally say for yourself when attempting to meet members of the opposite sex.

Stupid and overused things girls say on their dating profiles

8. I'm 5'9 because apparently that matters (or whatever other height)

LOL. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I highly doubt guys are constantly asking you how tall you are. YOU are the one who is making height matter, so don't act like you're just an innocent individual who's bringing up height because people are making you.

9. No bio just chemistry

Ok, this was an alright pun when I saw it the first time. 20 times later and it's just getting boring now. Especially when the whole point of it means you put nothing else in your bio, so you can't exactly redeem yourself.

Stupid and overused things girls say on their dating profiles

10. Impress me

LOL. How arrogant can you get? The sad part is that they're actually vindicated in saying this because there are plenty of guys out there who will see this as a challenge and actually put in effort trying to 'impress' them in hopes of getting laid. Pathetic.


So there it is, 10 of the most overused phrases I've encountered on tinder. If you're a girl who's on tinder and you don't have any of these things, congratulations, you're already better than a large portion of other girls.

I'm sure guys put some equally stupid things on their bios. Welcome any girls to share any funny ones they've seen. Thanks!

Stupid and overused things girls say on their dating profiles
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  • lucazafer
    This one triggers me a lot: anything about a dog , if you want to fuck my dog just tell me, have him. Also the phrase , 'here for good time not a long time ' no shit Sherlock
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    • Anonymous


    • Nxtawm


Most Helpful Girl

  • Mon_160909
    How about what guys said? Some are really stupid
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    • Anonymous

      I don't know what guys say lol, I don't look at their profiles. But I'm sure you're right.

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  • JHNS98
    Yeah, I'm not a fan of the no bio thing. They're just lazy.

    I've also seen a lot of people Dire ting you to their Snapchat because they're not that active on eg Tinder.
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  • Bman4907
    I hate it when the lazy women that say "I'm really outgoing," which only means they get drunk a chilis rather than at home.
  • ImagineSketchy
    Rather truthful myTake.
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  • ROCKS128
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  • KeniKeni
    Had a good laugh
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  • StickStickity13
    I wiLL prOBaBlY lIKe my dog MORE thaN YoU
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  • incelposting
    Anything females say tends to be stupid.
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    • now that is a very harsh prejudice. I'd love to read a take on how you got to that conclusion.

    • Every single female dating profile

      It's all the same, all stupid.

    • I can't quite deduct what this list has to do with anything women say in general, but it rather sounds like a poor sample for any kind of solid judgement. And dating profiles aren't really the golden standard display of human intellect.

  • Aurora10
    Guys also say a lot of these.
  • Anonymous
    That's funny - I've seen guys say the exact same things!
  • Anonymous
    "LoOkInG fOr A sErIOuS ReLaTiOnShIp! No tImEwAsTeRs!" Stupid and overused things girls say on their dating profiles
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