The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)


People have the misconceptions about the black pill and that the black pill is incorrect saying that personality matters over looks but in this essay I will be debunking the idea that personality matters and that looks are the go to for dating to women. In this Mytake there will be a lot of video's to keep the text limited examples are better then a bunch of words.(This is for future references/debates)

LOOKS: Lets start off with looks In this part of the essay I will be showing you a few examples from real life and dating apps indicting that looks matter. Now i will be starting off with what women say that matters to them in this short video women explains what best attracts them.

During the video they give mostly the same answers which is confidence. REMEMBER TIME STAMPS( 1:44, and 1:47)

Confidence by Google's definition is "a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities."

However when we take a look at shows such as Take me.....(Confidence)

To stand in front of a crowed and be judge by women takes a lot of nerve first off a lot of people have stage freight so my guy Johnny her had some level of confidence in him yet none of it seemed to better his chances as you can see he was instantly voted out because of his looks. Clearly confidence lost this one

Now lets see if looks does better

Do I need to explain why Looks mattered here? The guy hasn't said a word and every light stayed on but lets take this a step further.

Real life(experiments):

In the next video we will be taking a look at how women would rate a guy in person even if he knows he's ugly.Some of the women in the video were very hesitant on judging his looks and this is mainly due to the fact that women fear judgement or retaliation in person so they are not often honest due to this you can actually tell by their voice.

Next attractive guy

I'm not even gonna explain this honestly.

To wrap this up lets take a look at a few charts from dating sites

The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)
The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)

Both these charts show the same exact thing which is women judge men far more harsher nothing else to say about this honestly

People(women and white knights) say the black pill is misogynistic and nihilistic just because it points out women nature but in modern day that's considered sexist as well but bottom line is that there is way to many studies showing the exact same out come and the first thing people jump to is the fact that a guy doesn't have the confidence or personality which is honestly said because now it has produced groups such as FA's (Forever alone), TFL (True forced loneliness) and Incels (Involuntary celibate). In all honest I won't be very long before people start to catch on to this.

Disclaimer: There is a whole lot more to the black pill this is just one of the more important parts of the black pill which is the looks. I'll leave you a video on the summary on this if your not interested in reading.

The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)
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  • englisc
    No shit, women like men who look attractive, just as men like attractive women. I'm not sure why this has to be explained with statistics.

    The trouble with this also however is that you guys talk about this black pill and these statistics without taking other things into account, then you act like guys who struggle are doomed to fail.

    The guy on take me out - why did he look like shit? He's not amazingly good looking, but he's also not hideously ugly. What made him look like shit was the fact that he was out of shape and dressed like a child, and was on a show where all of the women there were more much more attractive than he was. Had he hit the gym and dressed like a man instead he'd probably have gotten better results.
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    • Number39

      Well, a homeless guy manages to pull more women than he can you guys why?

    • englisc

      I'm not sure what you mean by that?

    • Number39

      There was a homeless guy explaining how he lives day to day apparently this guy sleeps with a bunch of women to get. You'd have to watch the video to understand I didn't list it here.

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  • crazy8000
    That only proves certain thing's that I already know about western females that is extremely unatractive for a potential partner.

    (one of the reasons I many times prefer foreigners that has moved here)
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  • mistixs
    Women rate men as less attractive because men put less effort into their appearance. If men put as much effort into their appearance as women do, then they would probably be equally attractive
    • What do you define as putting effort into your appearance?

    • @esotericstory Look like you go to the gym, flip through GQ every few months, buy stylish clothes, have a decent hair cut. The guy who was pulled together had a black T and black jeans or slacks and a dapper scarf around his neck. He wasn't wearing a $500 outfit. It was very simple. He smiled. In a strong voice he said what area of London he was from and how he was proud of his region. You got a positive vibe from him. The other guy was a lump. He gave off nothing. His jeans looked dirty. His T shirt was sloppy and childish looking. It seemed like he didn't care about his appearance. Look at how the women dressed. Like they were going out on a date... to a movie.. for coffee... That's effort.

    • @Screenwriter I dont know what a GQ is. I suppose the culture of my region is very different from Angloshspere countries.

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  • nerms123
    All y’all taking too many drugs. Why do men care so much what women think of them?
    • Number39

      Well here's the thing you wouldn't understand because you are probably drowning in attention from desperate men while men on the other hand have to actually put a lot of effort into getting the attention of a single women unless he's a model so you wouldn't exactly understand. Also, don't assume someone is taking drugs because they don't hold the same belief's as you.

    • nerms123

      Black pills blue pills red pills purple yellow. Too many pills yo. Stop caring what these bimbos say about you. Have self love ❤️

    • Number39

      I appreciate the nice gesture I really do but it's hard to have self love when your put down by the media all the time for just being a male it's also many other factors to this but I'm not gonna waste your time.

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  • Sweatyotterr
    I blame men for being desperate quick chasing women and watch things change
  • SirRexington
    Sure this is a general rule but people are more likely to date in their "category". Very rarely will you see an attractive woman with an ugly man, but it does happen. I've seen it. It's probably 1/100 couples. You're more likely to see a man with an ugly woman because men aren't as picky.
  • JSmuve
    I didn't watch the videos, but just wanted to point out that the OKcupid graphs tell more than you initially get at first glance. Right off the bat you see that men's rating of women's attractiveness is more normal while women's is heavily right-skewed suggesting that based off looks alone, guys are generally physically unattractive to women.

    However, if you look at the messaging distribution, women's isn't all that dissimilar from their attractiveness distribution, meaning that they're messaging guys who they find physically unattractive. The majority of their messages goes to below average men, while the majority of men's messages goes to above average women. Clearly some of this is related to how attractiveness is distributed (i. e. larger groups will likely get a larger share of the messages), so if you normalize for the distribution in attractiveness, what you find out is women are upwards of about 3x as likely to message an unattractive guy compared to guys messaging an unattractive girl. So clearly looks don't factor in as much as it does for us, otherwise their messaging distribution should look like ours.

    Inasmuch as the graphs shit all over women's perception of our physical attractiveness (at least based off of photos), I think the graphs also show how much personality comes into play for women vs men, and what we tend to prioritize.
    • Number39

      The graphs so the complete truth what you are saying about women are "women are upwards of about 3x" It's not backed up by anything nor could I find anything that may confirm this as well I find it interesting that all these graphs so a similar result.

  • Dongtai
    It all ties In together. Looks and personality. Nobody wants someone who only has good looks going for themselves and at the same time nobody wants to spend the rest of their life with someone they aren’t remotely sexually attracted to, unless that person doesn’t need sex to be happy in a relationship.

    These labels; pills this, novels that. They’re meaningless. All they do is throw a veil over the people who claim/use them to avoid seeing their own personal flaws. It’s an excuse people use to avoid telling themselves “Ok. This is what I need to do in order to improve. “

    It could be working out more, buying better clothing, just working to improve your physical appearance. Or maybe you aren’t socially confident and need to spend time talking to people more. Unless you’re handicapped or have some deformity, most people can improve their dating life if they put the work into themselves that they need.

    Al of these labels are complete bs. They only apply to you if you let them
    • Number39

      Well, tinder/ other online dating apps seem to contradict what you wrote and before you say tinder is online well it's not all that different from in person it's like a speed run for dating.

    • Dongtai

      I’m not talking about online dating. That stuff is superficial. I’m talking about people in real life. Men boldly approaching women and charming them. Getting dates the old fashioned way. Tinder is literally built around looks. I’ve gotten way more dates by going up to women I see during the day versus using the internet. It’s easy to overlook someone if the essence of who they are can’t be felt. You filter that part for yourself online based on how you perceive a person physically. It’s not like that I’m real life. With online dating your brain filters what it can’t perceive accurately based on how you feel about a person’s looks. If you don’t think they’re attractive then you won’t perceive them the same way you would a person who’s attractive.

      Basically online dating doesn’t create genuine interaction. It’s 75% imagination and 25% visual perception

    • Number39

      Women are genuinely nice when you approach them but they are capable to subconsciously judge you based on your looks aside from that approaching random women on the streets is probably the quickest way to get arrested my dude.

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  • Syrian_survivor
    Sorry but this is too dumb to evem debate.

    Like yeah stating the obvious, humans like attractive people, holy shit what a surprise, let's burn them for being so shallow am I right?
    • Number39

      I guess you don't like facts huh?

    • I do, and I appreciate them, but not when they're obvious and dumb

      Hey dude do you even know where your burger comes from? Yeah from factories where animals get SLAUGHTERED and thrown into BLENDERS
      Now you know the truth

    • Number39

      I'm gonna end this conversation you are coming off as toxic to me.

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  • ShadyLane
    Well you are half-right... I'm only speaking from experience with my statement, but myself, i'm generally seen as well above average on the physical attractiveness scale (height, facial structure, body type, eyes, etc.). I can pull women pretty easily on superficial dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, and gets tons of matches per-day, pretty much by playing to modern generational women's cookie-cutter personalities and interests.

    However, this really only applies to sex / hookups. I am very introverted, socially awkward, the epitome of an INTP. Most of my interests don't line up with these women and we aren't really on the same "wave-length". I can get sex by faking a shadow personality, but a relationship, now that's something I have yet to master.

    Looks will get me the girl, but how strange / eccentric I am will normally drive off the air headed ones in less than one night.

    A Liberal Arts college student, Office watching, dog fanatic, can only take so much talk on the extensive arrangement and production of Pet Sounds for a few hours...
  • GuidoThePizzaMaker
    The dude in that street harassment video looks like me! its really weird!

    This is something everyone already knows, looks matter for attraction, but attraction is the easy part, if you want something that lasts you need to work on making it happen, compatibility, etc
  • bangyourhead
    Then don’t play the online dating game. Don’t follow instathots, don’t pay for nudes or bathwater. Find alternative ways to meet women.
    • Number39

      I don't do any of those anyhow especially that bathwater but the black pill applies in real life as well.

    • Right

  • gag12
    I prefer red pill over black pill

    BLACK PILL has given up

    they have forgotten GOD
    and have rejected him
    • Number39

      Well yeah they given up but I'm not sure about the other part though.

    • gag12

      based off what I have seen they don't believe in GOD

      at least in redpill I can find people with hope in Christ

  • jmorris86
    I believe the truth is that women are more shallow than men. If a guy isn't at least an 8 then don't even bother online dating because you won't get very good results
  • UnicornLobotomy
    I used to troll women on dating sites when I was bored. Kind of because I stopped sleeping around and I wanted to actually find a quality mate, partly because I knew a thot when I saw one and just wanted to waste her time, maybe out of misplaced angst for getting screwed over in a divorce w/o actually breaking someone's heart, which I inevitably did two or three times. I didn't like doing that, so trolling was a harmless way to get that frustration out. ME: "damn gurl!!" Her Re: "what lol" ME: "That steering wheel is fucking cool yo!" Her: "what? r u you serious?" ME: "yeah, what u doin later" Her: "nothing" Me: "that's fucking badass, I'll meet you there then?" Her: "what" Her: "where" end of convo
  • Physics-Man
    Utterly agree, and I've been saying this for years.
    • verolove

      Chat me on hangout veronicaspillman100@gmail

  • esotericstory
    Equality between men and women doesn't exist. We know it. Some will always get better treatment than others, even before the law.
  • Shamalien
    This is true however, a girl can become infatuated with a guy based on things other than looks, but you are unlikely to find those girls on the street in the evening
    • Number39

      You could although you will find yourself playing the waiting game for years on end and that's only if she doesn't get picked up by another guy. I'm going based off a week or so to meet a women.

  • bimmy5000
    Doesn't have to be make up. Eat less junk food, keep clean and use lotion.
  • Denniszen
    Where the hell are you getting all these statistics and do you hane any formal schooling is human psychology or is this your conjecture? Sorry its pnlu my 3rd day here.
    • Number39

      I don't understand what you mean.

  • chrislam5459
    Go to r/blackpillscience for more studies if you guys want
    • Number39

      I didn't think of that thanks.

  • incelposting
    The blackpill is absolute truth.
  • CT_CD
    Looks > Personality