The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)


People have the misconceptions about the black pill and that the black pill is incorrect saying that personality matters over looks but in this essay I will be debunking the idea that personality matters and that looks are the go to for dating to women. In this Mytake there will be a lot of video's to keep the text limited examples are better then a bunch of words.(This is for future references/debates)

LOOKS: Lets start off with looks In this part of the essay I will be showing you a few examples from real life and dating apps indicting that looks matter. Now i will be starting off with what women say that matters to them in this short video women explains what best attracts them.

During the video they give mostly the same answers which is confidence. REMEMBER TIME STAMPS( 1:44, and 1:47)

Confidence by Google's definition is "a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities."

However when we take a look at shows such as Take me.....(Confidence)

To stand in front of a crowed and be judge by women takes a lot of nerve first off a lot of people have stage freight so my guy Johnny her had some level of confidence in him yet none of it seemed to better his chances as you can see he was instantly voted out because of his looks. Clearly confidence lost this one

Now lets see if looks does better

Do I need to explain why Looks mattered here? The guy hasn't said a word and every light stayed on but lets take this a step further.

Real life(experiments):

In the next video we will be taking a look at how women would rate a guy in person even if he knows he's ugly.

Some of the women in the video were very hesitant on judging his looks and this is mainly due to the fact that women fear judgement or retaliation in person so they are not often honest due to this you can actually tell by their voice.

Next attractive guy

I'm not even gonna explain this honestly.

To wrap this up lets take a look at a few charts from dating sites

The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)
The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)

Both these charts show the same exact thing which is women judge men far more harsher nothing else to say about this honestly

People(women and white knights) say the black pill is misogynistic and nihilistic just because it points out women nature but in modern day that's considered sexist as well but bottom line is that there is way to many studies showing the exact same out come and the first thing people jump to is the fact that a guy doesn't have the confidence or personality which is honestly said because now it has produced groups such as FA's (Forever alone), TFL (True forced loneliness) and Incels (Involuntary celibate). In all honest I won't be very long before people start to catch on to this.

Disclaimer: There is a whole lot more to the black pill this is just one of the more important parts of the black pill which is the looks. I'll leave you a video on the summary on this if your not interested in reading.

The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)
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