The Point of Love

The Point of Love

I'm just curious, what is the point of love? If love was to have 2 people come together and be able to satisfy basically Maslows Hierarchy if you really think of it from a psychological perspective of it? I understand the traditional view of love is to procreate so we can preserve ourselves. However, if 2 people were to come together, have let's say 2 or even 4 children and they just decided to call it quits after 10 years of marriage then why do we go through this then? there's a lot of blended families nowadays too so that can definitely play a huge role on the children's development as well as the parents.

I'm also really curious what if you're interested in this person now and almost the same scenario where 2 or 3 years later around the same time of the year you guys become an official couple, you guys end up splitting or taking a break from each other? So what then?

I've never really been in a real relationship before so I dont understand it. I've seen it in movies and stuff but I know it's nothing like the movies. And I've seen my parents, other friends and people be in a relationship so I get very curious. And for me, I like to use my intuition and emotions when it comes to dating just because I know that love can make you go crazy and blind. I've been in both positions before so I just really want to make the right choices by really listening to myself.

The Point of Love
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  • Annarae
    You're never going to understand relationships until you've been in more than one. Love is not something you can even look at from a psychological view either because people are so unpredictable when it comes to it. I advise that you don't really watch and take to heart what other relationships are like. Some are misrepresentations of love.
    You just have to wait until you have a real relationship to find out what's the point of love because my definition is different from someone else's and might not be the same for you.
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  • dbr1987
    Love is a bunch of chemicals in your brain who cloud your vision. Love is not unconditional (female aspect) love can hurt you like shit. Once you experienced real love and it fades you are scarred for life. In this society with this social engineering there is no place for love. The only thing people fall in love with is with thereselve. (Duckface, poses) status is more important these days. The social status. Relationships are getting wrecked by social media and hypergamy
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  • Shayedd
    You've never been in a real relationship, but you have been in both positions of love making you crazy/blind?

    You want to make the right choices by listening to yourself? Why post?

    Love is a chemical imbalance. Marriage is outdated and the last stop in princess playground.
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  • Anonymous
    The point of falling in love and having a family is so that people who are in Heaven and want to be born (so they can learn someone or accomplish something, here on earth), can do so.
  • Anonymous
    One way to make the right choice is to be informed. And one way to be informed is by reading what real life people have experienced. Josette Sona is one such person. She's written some books and I found them to be very informative. I thought I knew guys but my eyes were really opened when I read "Are Men the Weaker Sex?", free from Smashwords. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. It would be great to make the right choice when choosing a husband. That way, we don't have to divorce the guy because we can no longer put up with his behavior. It would be better for the children, too.
    • lenlenxyz

      Oooh thanks for the recommendation! I'm just having a difficult time choosing the right lifetime partner for me at the moment especially for me (not trying to boast or be egotistical), but I've been the type of person who can't seem to keep guys away from me even though I have specifically stated that I'm not interested.

    • Anonymous

      Some guys want what they can't have, so you may be an extra appeal for them.

  • Anonymous
    The point of love, is to try and make sure it survives

    Divorce is up to 75%