Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance


Here's 6 types of woman I view as High Maintenance. If you're open minded or curious about it, I invite you to read my list.

1. Woman who's a Frugal Spender

I view woman who's a frugal spender as cheapskate or at worst, an amoral person who's willing to violate ethics to save money. As a result, dating a frugal spender would become a total nightmare. Hence, I only date woman who isn't frugal or have laid-back attitude about money.

Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance

2. Athletic Woman

I view athletic woman as an overly competitive person, picky eater, or a person who's difficult to spend time together. Thus, I avoid dating athletic woman because I want to focus on enjoying fun activity, not dealing with her anxiety about her body or health.

Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance

3. Career Driven Woman

I view career-driven woman as woman who's going to neglect her friends/families, or an workaholic person at worst. Therefore, I must avoid dating career-driven woman because I don't want to deal with her work-related stress or being a second-fiddle.

Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance

4. Woman Who Travels

I view woman who frequently travels as a woman incapable of enjoying everyday mundane experiences. Therefore, I can only date a woman who can enjoy everyday mundane experiences.

Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance

5. Woman Who's Judgmental About What I Wear

I consider woman who's judgmental about what I wear as an immature jerk. Thus, I will only date a woman who doesn't care if I wear a Super Mario t-shirt.

Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance

6. Woman Who Pushes Me to Be Better

I regard woman who pushes me to be a better person as high maintenance because I want to be myself, instead of changing myself. Hence, I only date a woman who lets me be myself.

Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance
Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance
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Most Helpful Girls

  • curiousme33
    So you don't like women with ambition or goals? You just seem lazy. You don't like women who care about their career maybe because you feel inferior? You don't like women who travel because you cannot find fun ways to please her? You don't want to be pushed to your best because you're comfortable being mediocre and lastly you don't care to dress well because you want to be a slob. The problem is you. These women are driven to be better and live their best lives and you're lazy.
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    • @curiousme33 I'm not lazy person. In fact, I prefer to date laid back woman who understands my quirk.

    • Your "quirk" is not wanting to better yourself financially, physically or mentally and dressing like trash. But you don't want anyone to complain about that. You don't want a woman better than you because you don't want to be better.

    • @curiousme33 Only thing I care is having enough money to have a lifestyle I want & making sure I'm emotionally stable.

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I don't consider myself "high maintenance" but I am all of the above except for #1 & #5 since I am generous and I never negatively judged my partner's clothing choices.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Cryptic-Game
    Yes. Those women do seem to have lots of high maintenance about them.
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  • areuok
    Are you serious about 2, 3 and 6? I agree on 1, (kind of on 4) and 5... but the rest?
    I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.
  • akanetuk
    Too much ambition scares me, better we have the same vision
  • ZELLxoxo
    Hahaha this is a nice piece of satire. No one can be like this
  • FictionalCharacter
    Thank my lucky stars, I’m just like this 😎