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Easiest way to come up with a great first date!

Easiest way to come up with a great first date!

I have had a strategy that I think more people should use to come up with a good first date that's better than just meeting at a coffee shop or for lunch. Here it is: Look up upcoming national holidays, and find some that are goofy and something nobody has heard of. Then have a themed date to celebrate the occasion!

Here are some examples, just for the month of August alone:

If you want food: There's Ice cream sandwich day, watermelon day, chocolate chip cookie day, root beer float day, sponge cake day, waffle day, banana split day, the list goes on...

If you want a lazy day: national underwear day (perfect for a movie night), national lazy day, relaxation day, coloring book day, and national just because day.

If you want to do an activity: bowling day, roller coaster day, mountain day, beach day, and tell a joke day (maybe go to a comedy club).

If you want a drinking buddy: white wine day, beer day, rum day, potato day (basically vodka day), and red wine day.

If you want to do something goofy: scratch a bunch of lottery tickets on national lottery ticket day and split the prizes, spoil your dog day, or maybe even celebrate national sneak some zucchini onto your neighbors porch day.

My August dates were:

-Going to a fancy breakfast place and getting waffles on national waffle day

-Driving out to a nature park, and having s'mores by a campfire, while hanging out in the bed of my truck which was covered in blankets all night for national toasted marshmallow day.

I really like this method because although it sounds a bit cheesy, it takes the pressure off when choosing a date and sounds creative, thoughtful, and spontaneous (even if it's not). It's actually crazy how many fun holidays there are, and it's fun to celebrate them with a date.

I hope this was helpful to someone! Let me know what you all think.

Easiest way to come up with a great first date!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • meetkitty123
    I had a first date with an awesome friend.
    I wanted something to stand out.

    So I told him the theme was late 19th Century early 20th Century at the latest. Dress accordingly.

    He had no idea what I was up to.
    The week before the date he would send me pics of different outfits. Finally I agreed to an old fashion suit with suspenders under the suit jacket with an old fashion top hat.

    The day of the date I dressed in a pretty gown and pearls with my hair up.

    We got in the car and enjoyed an awesome long ride

    He was so confused to where we were going but he was cool with it... Might have to do with the view and Im not only speaking about the country scenery.

    We finally arrived and his expression was priceless. I brought him to tour an old country castle. People were known to dress up for it to take fun pictures as if they were actually part of that era.

    It was one of the best surprise dates I ever came up with.
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    • J_Fitz

      That's great! Thanks for sharing! I didn't even consider a castle date- but that's probably because I live in Texas :)

    • I never had an idea that there was a castle in my area you should research it

Most Helpful Guy

  • poneglyphs
    these sound like fun dates :)
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  • Drumlin2001
    You want to suggest national a movie night in your underwear as a first date? Bold choice
    • J_Fitz

      Haha yeah, that would be pretty cool. If I were to go about it, I would use the holiday as a joke, and use it as a segway into the date proposal. The worst they can do is say no, right?

    • She could take screenshots of your communications, post them all over social media outing you as a pervert

    • J_Fitz

      Then don't do it then lol

  • ZackBan
    In my country we don't really celebrate all these Hollidays but I could still point out that they exist as an excuse to do them. Thanks man it's a handy trick. Wish dating "coaches" I watch online sometimes just handed out tricks like this you were litterally more useful in one paragraph.
    • J_Fitz

      These holidays are not celebrated pretty much anywhere haha. That's what makes them unique, it's just kind of an excuse to do something and it sounds spontaneous and creative- at least that's the goal.

  • VanillaSalt
    Ok hear me out... your dating for more than sex i assume... so you want someone with similar interests... so plan something you’d like... she’ll see you happy and get to enjoy something you wanna do and that will charm her... better than being stressed or bored because you’re doing something she wants... after all as the man your prob paying anyway.
  • Itsok2behapp-e
    So after all of that what's your end game?

    What do you hope to achieve after said date (s?)
    • J_Fitz

      A second date... I don't know what most people want from a first date, but if I have fun and a good conversation, I consider it a success.

    • I'm not asking what others want. I'm asking you.

      So you have a 2nd date, then what?

      What do you hope to achieve in the end? That's what I'm asking?

    • J_Fitz

      I'm taking a gap year before college. After that I'm moving out of state, so for me personally, I'm looking for short term dating- not a serious relationship, but not like a hookup or friends with benefits kind of thing... Just for fun I guess. I don't know if that answers your question

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  • Ljd213
    I love these advices and wish everyone the best that practices these things.

    Unfortunately, it seems like most first dates nowadays is enforcing who's house are we spending the night for a special game called one night stand.
  • Can-I-Get-A-DoOver
    You’re fantastic! Great idea to use a crazy holiday.
  • Don't forget to bring your wallet everywhere because nothing is free.
    if you're penniless, you're finished before it even started. Make the opposite happen.
    • J_Fitz

      I don't know about that... I think you just have to be more creative. Depending on where you live, a beach or hiking day can be completely free, watching movies at home is no extra expense, cooking for two at home is inexpensive- there are certainly options.

    • Unit1

      There will be money spent regardless of what it will be. Even a walk in the park can have a cart selling icecream.

      I'm a beach raider (or beach bum if you will). The expenses include transport to the beach and back using a taxi, food & drinks (i stay longer there), sunscreen. And if I am going to grill meat, there will be expenses for the firestarter, coal, flammable liquid and renting a designated grill.

      Nothing is free. Everything costs money.
      Hence I say this - *Always* bring your wallet and have money in it.

    • hahahmm

      There’s tens of millions of guys who say never spend more than a few bucks on the first date. These are guys with lots of experience. Ymmv

  • t-8900
    I wish I could have a bonfire with her at night time, look up at a clear sky full of stars, and talk about philosophy, history, and the like. Still haven't found a special one to do this with.
  • Jessie91331
    Dont listen to others, if you want to do something with the guy or girl, do it. Don't worry about labels or put downs.
  • mrgspoter
    I think you been paying into them advice for vergin type things, sorry had to say just find it funny how it looks like you have just copyed some articles on dating
  • genericname85
    pretty much everything but "the movies" is good for a fist date xD
    • J_Fitz

      The movies is definitely pretty generic... Coffee dates are by far the most popular choice, but if you go on enough of them it gets old.

    • not only is it generic but also you're not actually getting to know your date, cause you're watching a movie and not talking xD

  • KingJared24
    That’s a great picture. On the beach making s’mores, drinking, laughing and talking. Just having a good time for a first date
  • iambae
    This is actually pretty innovative. Kudos!
  • Anonymous
    Dates are fucking boring