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Women and Hypergamy


Hypergamy = the action of marrying or forming a sexual relationship witha person of a superior sociological or educational background.

I don't know if it's actually scientifically proven that women are hypergamous so I'll refer to it as a theory. But without a doubt, it's something that seems to be true if we look at our society. It was definitely more common in the past because the only way for a women to survive, was to have a strong male on her side. She couldn't really make a name for herself.

But even today many women seem to like the idea of a man having a better financial situation as herself. Or would you say a unemployed man has the same variety of women to choose from as a doctor or a banker? No I don't think so.

So even if it doesn't shine a good light on us women, I think the theory of hypergamy is true. Just think about how many romance Movies or novels exist where the hot millionaire falls in love with the poor waitress for example.

So what does that mean, will your girlfriend/wife eventually leave you for someone with a bigger bank account? Probably not. Money is obviously not the only reason women date. And even if some women have the tendency to date up, not every women cares about money and social status. And a bit less comforting but still true, not all women are "good enough" or preferred by guys go earn more. So she might not even have the option to "upgrade"

I think the best example for this is that men usually prefer women in their twenties. Yes they might have a preference towards those women, but that doesn't mean they'll automatcally leave their wife as soon as she turns 30.

The biological explanation for this is that women used to need only one partner to give them children and protection/ food and all that. So they choose the best provider they could get. While men could get lots of women pregnant. So they care more about fertility and therefore prefer younger women. I red about this, but I don't think these instincts are really that relevant in todays society. And since most women are capable of taking care of themselfes nowadays, I think hypergamy will be less relevant in the future of dating.

Anyways, I'd like to know your opinion on this. Preferably one that isn't just "all women are whores who only care about money" But this is GaG so I don't expect much more.

Women and Hypergamy
Women and Hypergamy
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  • Anonymous
    It is true. You are actually the first woman I know of that has admitted it. The thing is in such a materialistic and hedonistic culture what we see is many women are refusing to accept anything but their high hypergamus standards and many refuse to compromise. This leads to the 1 male with 4 females getting all the women he wants, the other males get no women, and the wife of said male is unhappy with a cheating husband that will most likely leave her for a blonde bimbo.

    This is an oversimplificationn and no not all women are like this but it is the direction we are going in culturally.
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  • Mehcab
    A woman with personality and culture always looks for a man who will share her life in every branch..
    Men, on the other hand, often look for women who will be good in bed and give children.
    The subject is always elaborate for those who know what they expect from life and the future, and selectivity is at the top level.
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  • MzAsh
    I think there’s some truth to it, although I’ve never been interested in a man for his money because I’ve been more interested in making my own.
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  • Celtero
    Meh, I think this idea has been kind of flawed considering women are often treated like commodities and in the past they were seen as having negative value, with the father having to pay off the groom with a dowry.
  • msc545
    I think Hypergamy is what drives divorces to a large extent. Women file for divorce in 90% of cases.
  • Tonytoutouni123
    all women are whores who only care about money
    • Just kidding. I like your myTake very much! I believe that evolutionary biology still plays an important role subconsciously when choosing a partner and I guess it will need a lot of time to change.

      There are of course gold diggers who seek a man who is rich, and play love games with him to get his money, but these are the fewest women.

      Most women simply fall in love with a man and that depends on many factors and not only on money. But I also believe that money subconsciously still plays a role.

      Women want successful men! They want men who win competitions! This is very unromantic to me. It seems like to women a man is just worth as much as he earns (how successful he is). But you can't blame women for that. Blame nature.

      And a man who complains about women should realize that it is no different with us men. We also choose women according to some criteria and we men are often very superficial. I can imagine that this is also unromantic for many women...

      To sum it up: Nature is a bitch