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“All the good ones are taken”. Does that mean I’m not one of the good ones?

“All the good ones are taken”. Does that mean I’m not one of the good ones?

So this is something I hear all the time. And I’m starting to believe it may be true, especially in my love life. Or I will say lack of. It makes me wonder if I’m not in that category. Hear me out, I’ve been single because I fail to attract someone that I like and that likes me back. With dating, I always attract men I don’t find good looking or men that are just too short for my preference. I want a tall guy and only shorter guys, around an inch taller than me or my same height, show interest. It sucks because the short guys are cute but just too short for me. People have said that I’m too picky and I will likely end up alone if I choose to hold out for my ideal guy. I’m starting to believe that is the truth for me, considering I’m in my mid twenties and never been in a long term relationship. I was skinnier once upon a time and 10 lbs lighter than what I am now. It’s only about 10 lbs but I think I look bigger versus what the scale says. And what happens? Skinnier versus being heavier, my love life has not changed. People have told me I’m attractive and I’ve had a range of compliments been given to me. Yet, it never fails, I never get attention from the cute guy or average guys in general. Yet, almost every woman I’ve met gets noticed by men. Better yet, men they’d actually want to date. These men are considering dating these women I’ve previously called friends, some are even relatives and just info I’ve gathered from women I previously met. So if guys have previously told me I’m a catch and “how are you still single?” etc...then they’re just lying to get in my pants & I’m really not a catch. I hate to sound self deprecating but clearly I’m not a catch if I’m always single. If I was this “catch”, I’d be taken along with all the other “good ones”. How often do you see a good looking man or woman single? And if they are, it’s by choice. In my case, I can’t find what I’m looking for and what that other guy wants either. I’m sulking pre-Valentine’s day, shocker huh?

Does anyone else agree with this? If you’re really a catch, you would clearly not have a hard time finding a date?

“All the good ones are taken”. Does that mean I’m not one of the good ones?
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  • msc545
    Yes all the good ones are taken, but in truth you don't really deserve what you think is a good one. Given that you're so shallow as to reject someone for one or two inches in height, I predict that you will never find anyone.
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  • VanillaSalt
    Yes if your not having any luck it’s probably you. It don’t matter if you agree, can see the problem, or don’t care the fact is the men that want you you don’t and the men that don’t want you your too hung up on.
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  • AzzaBlue
    I am a short bloke (155cm tall). A part of me would really like to have a deep/ real relationship with a woman. However women like you won't give me the time of day. I probably sound like a jerk for saying this, but I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for you. At least you are getting attention, but you're throwing these opportunities away because you have a sense of entitlement that is the size of Australia. In short, no you are not a catch.
  • 007kingifrit
    how tall are you, if you're after a 6ft tall man then you better be physically flawless. you don't have a right to ask for a guy like that if you aren't equally top of the stack

    and remember; female dating value goes down each year after 22. while male dating value rises each year as he gets a job and his own place. so yea, you are running out of time
  • Jamie05rhs
    Not to sound as shallow as you are, but...
    we can't really answer this question honestly unless you show us a picture.
  • Jess1812
    Give the guys a chance. You will never find love if you don't give someone a chance.
  • RationalMale
    Lol you know most guys don't want to date a girl who is a lot shorter them him right? Makes for awkward kissing.
  • zagor
    From your neurotic, silly post, I would have to say it means exactly that.
  • No. Its just not your time.
  • Anonymous
    That woman in the picture is hot.
  • Anonymous
    Yes all the good ones are indeed taken. Sorry