It's time to start acting more responsibly!

THIS is a Proper Expression of Love
THIS is a Proper Expression of Love


Back in 2013 I screwed up and became a Daddy. After we split, I looked back at events and regretted what I did. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret my daughter's life. But at the same time, she shouldn't have come in the world the way she did. She should have evolved from two MARRIED Parents who could be with her for her entire life everyday. Not two people who got careless, conceived her then ended up going their separate ways. Now I know a lot of you are going to start commenting on this calling me a hypocrite for all the posts where I come down hard on people for their sex-related posts and questions. BUT YOU ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHY I DO IT.

Lets start with this site. There is a post on here entitled, "Did You Know You Can Sue Someone Over Herpes?" It basically is an example of Sex + Without Protection = an STD. Fortunately, it is one that can be treated and she can move on with life. But what if more comes of it? More specifically...IT TAKES IT'S TOLL ON A WOMAN'S BODY FOR NINE MONTHS. These are the situations that the Big Guy upstairs CONSTANTLY throws us red flags about; Telling us to knock this shit off and keep our clothes on until we finally Marry the Prince or Princess that was destined for us. Just because we enter into a relationship with somebody doesn't warrant the o.k. to be careless.

Take my daughter for example...she went to live with her Mom, who turned out to be a piece of shit and let the RIGHT person into her apartment at the RIGHT time. They contacted C.Y.S and in an instant, she and her half Brother were placed into the care of a very loving Mennonite family in a neighboring town. Amber kept her apartment in ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE condition. My Daughter ended up with pneumonia and Amber, the most useless and worthless piece of shit that can be called a Mother, purposely never bothered to administer her the medication prescribed to my Daughter. "Mommy of the Year" played favorites between her and the half Brother, just because of who his Daddy was. Well in the long run, the Mennonite family adopted both kids.

The point I am making is it is time everyone gets their shit together, their head out of their ass and begin making more responsible choices. And one example of that is the term "SEXUAL PARTNERS"; You are just presenting yourself as "Easy". A relationship CAN and WILL survive without Intercourse, if the relationship is meant to last. There are ways of expressing love towards each other without having to use sex to exhibit it.

For those of you who are active with Dating, it is inevitable you will experience TEMPTATION; There ARE ways of fighting and overcoming it. Yes there is Prayer, but there is also the ability to say to yourself, "I'm NOT going to do, I am going to be responsible.".

But get out there, meet people and WIN THAT CRUSH OVER with a date they will never forget!! One that doesn't involve getting a painful infection or a nine month and 18 yr responsibility that mandates his/her own budget.


It's time to start acting more responsibly!
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