The Relationship Forecast: Ideas for Dating

relationship weather The waves of bitter cold coupled with thawing snow have taken the country into a state of deep freeze. Yet, this downpour of white flames has not managed to stall the bright flames, from kindling and rekindling, in the hearts of people— because they are borne by the winds of hope for a warmer future in company of their loved ones. This wintery season, people, offers many vistas of relationship building— new or old. Hence the forecast:

Bitter Colds to Last: Prepare Hot Chocolate for Two!

What better way to plan a date for the two of you around cups of hot chocolate? Did I miss something? Hot chocolate for two, but where? Anywhere! The place can be anywhere, a picnic or a stroll through the park. You can surely melt icy stupor of snow with cups of hot chocolate.

Add more fun to the trip — turn it into a bonfire. Pack snacks along with hot chocolate. Add marshmallows, peppermint, and some shortbread cookies and you are sure to enjoy a memorably warm time for the two of you alone.

Iced Roads to Block Traffic: Take a Detour To Ice Skating!

The roads blocking you from taking your date to a great outing and not worry about how the road blocks will ruin your mood? Take the detour! Turn to skating as the memorable cold wintery event for the two of you. Afterwards not only will the roads and the blocks remind you of the wonderful time you had had but you might be looking forward to another trip back in the icy lanes!

Add more fun to the trip — turn it into a bonfire.

Furthermore, an ice skating trip is bound to bring you two closer. Zooming around the arena, creating intricate patterns, and falling, and helping each other is bound to bring you closer to your partner. While ice skating, part of your inner child springs to action —you can easily see glimpse of true happiness, and energy emanating you’re your partner’s flushed face.

Winter Colds to Chill Muscle and Bones: Warm ‘Em Up With A Light Game Of Ice Hockey!

Winter cold likes to settle in each and everyone’s bones —lethargy leads to grumpy moods. Change that with a pass and shot at a great goal—an ice hockey game planned to simply warm your moods. Not only is it a great exercise to keep your muscles in tone but also a great reason to hang out with your partner.

Games have a way of bringing out the best worst in people as well, and incase you were wondering how you can have a glimpse into the inner life of your partner then this can prove to be the right place to take shots into your relationships. By the time you are at game’s end, you’ll have plenty to talk and understand about your partner.

Snow At 11 inch: An All Time High or Simply Thick Enough for Snowshoeing?

You bet! What better way to talk to your heart’s content as you and your partner climb small snow cover hills on your snowshoeing date? Not only is it a great activity for winter it also adds memorable wintery sight-seeing along the way. With snowshoeing not only great photos await your collection but also memorable talks about things people indulge when they let their guards down—when they feel more secure in company of someone else.

Regular Downpour of Powdered Snow: Collect, Roll, Crunch, and Throw!

Snowmen and snow fights never get old. Not only are they a fun activity they add spontaneity to the outdoor meetings. Though a small activity in its own right, you can add it to previously mentioned outdoor wintery activities. A snow man goes well as a small memorable accomplishment alongside a bonfire as well as a monument to celebrate your trip atop the hill while snowshoeing!

All in all, this winter’s forecast maybe cold enough but nowhere near powerful enough to let people willing to put an effort into their relationships! All the best for a great and memorable winter season!


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  • A lot of people around her complain about winter because they're is nothing to do but I think winter can be the most romantic season if you make it.

    Unfortunately, I have bad experiences with snowshoeing dates (slipped on an icy pond, guy laughed, I rolled a chunk of ice into a snowball...) but all the others are fantastic ideas.

  • Very nice that was rather useful information.:)


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