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How to live a happy life when you are frustrated right now❤

How to live a happy life when you are frustrated right now❤

Hello everybody it's dennis,

I would like to give a big thank you to the GaG Staff/Content team for promoting my myTake❤. You are totally awesome. And to my dear guys and girls in the comments aka viewers, the same applies it to you❤. Even the haters and dislikers. Though English is not my native language, I am trying my best to express my thoughts and feelings. My humour might be exaggerated and disturbing for some people and that is comprehensible. Not everyone is a fan of something. No matter what you do.

So today I am going to talk about: How to live a happy life when you are frustrated right now ❤

First of all, life is difficult and even though it hits you hard, then you're so frustrated you should remember this:

1. Your abilities belong to nobody. Others don't possess or can copy yours. That makes you outstanding. And your abilities can impress others if you give yourself a chance.

2. There will A L W A Y S be another one. Yes, even if you broke up at 43, you'll still keep meeting new people. It won't stop. Things like: "I will be single forever. I am going to be lonely. Nobody in this world loves me.", are fake thoughts and a completely Lie. This little voice is inside all in our heads. Question yourself and think deeply. How is that even possible? Do you look like a vampire? You are pretty/beautiful already, so relax and do you, my friend. In this world, life has more to offer than to have a partner.

There is not a happiness-difference in your 20s or 40s, 50s. All what you have to do is take care of your health and well-being. And you can literally achieve and do anything you like. A career has no timeline as well as love. Ronald McDonald opened his biggest business and most successful fast food restaurant at age 57. People marry at 45. People become doctors at 50, 60. Who says you have to be a super rich child already in a business suit dealing/trading with apples?

You WILL meet her or him as long as you stop looking so desperately. The more you force yourself to go to places because there are lots of women/men, the worse it will get. Your Psyche, your attitude, your outlook in life and overall happiness. Let it go. Just let it go and do you. What you feel like. One useful tip I can give is that a partner,girlfriend/boyfriend❤ happens in due time without trying super hard. You talk, you both feel, you click, done. No magic tricks or any formula. But with all the extra hard work will make it nearly impossible because you are being blinded by your own miserability. Because of all the hundreds of approaches, forcing yourself visiting places. Just Relax ;)

3. Do not take yourself and life so seriously. Even when you try your best as you can be, damn will always happen. 🤷🏿‍♂️. So just let it be and enjoy. People are so confusing and complicated that it's not worth it to deal with them. Go ahead and discover the world. Do make mistakes and learn. Do not be afraid of it. The one's who are complaining about you doing mistakes are not so clever and wise guys....

Never ever discourage anyone who makes progress, no matter how slow.

4. Take care of your physical as well as mental health. Your state of mind indicates and reveals the associaton with others. The fitter it is, the better the relationships. However, low mood days and overthinking is normal.

Anyways, thanks for reading ❤ have an awesome day!


How to live a happy life when you are frustrated right now❤
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