How to Be Happy by Realizing Your Problems Don’t Matter

DISCLAIMER: I'm long winded even in text. If you want to skip my little introduction here, I won't be #offended.

I know, I haven’t written a take in forever. Sorry folks, #life happens and June/July happen to be very busy months for me. I am also aware that I didn’t post that video I started working on for the G@G video contest. Unfortunately, my life took a shit for a hot minute and I didn’t have the time to complete the video. So I apologize, maybe if I ever get the time in the future I’ll finish it and post it just for you guys to fucking laugh at, how aboot that?

But I digress.

As you all know, the news is riddled with horrific events from acts of terrorism, racism, shootings, hate and just plain fucking anarchy. Children in third world countries are starving, global warming is a very real issue that isn’t being addressed fast enough, half of the world is on the brink of economic collapse and…

We still manage to bitch about things that don’t really matter.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s healthy to vent once in a while, but there are some people out there who take their #firstworldproblems to such extremes that they are literally acting as though they are the victims of violent freaking crimes or something. It’s like people almost want their little problems to be so damn big just so they can have a reason to complain and be miserable. I see it in a lot of my friends, family, close associates; we’re all so overwhelmed by negativity that we obsess over it and just latch onto it like it’s a lifeline to remain relevant in the world today. It’s sad.

You don’t have to yell, you don’t have to rant for ages on social media and throw people under the bus, you do not have to be consumed by your problems. There’s easy ways to find positivity in your life and over all be a much happier person.

By realizing that the shit just doesn’t matter.

We need each other more than ever in these dark times, and it seems like just being positive isn’t enough. It all starts with YOU and how receptive you are, so if you’re too busy focusing on all of the little b/s in the world, you might be missing out on an opportunity to be … you know … a little happier. That's right, it's time to grow a pair and gut up!

So without further adieu, here is my take on a few of the common “problems” people have and why they don’t matter, and how by acknowledging that, you can be more positive.

Being made fun of for liking something

Remember the high school days?

Where if you wore certain things or played Magick the Gathering people would tease you about it? That sucked, right? But it didn’t really ruin your day that much; you got over it and kept on doing you more often than not, because you liked doing it.

You didn’t start an anti-shame campaign every time someone said your hair looked stupid.

I’m all for #antishame and all, but just because someone teases you for liking hardcore metal or because you wear UGGS and drink Starbucks every day doesn’t mean you need to let that completely consume you as if you are being shamed for breathing air. People suck, they’re going to call you a basic bitch, a nerd, a loser, or an emo sometimes, but you know what? That’s one of the milder pains in the ass you have to deal with in life.

Sure, there’s all kinds of anti-bullying movements out there, but there will always be shitty people. Getting up in arms and writing tumblr posts on how unjust they’re being is only going to encourage people to come at you more (because you’re giving them a reaction) and continue to ruin your mood.

Half of the battle of winning against a turd-of-a-person or a bully is taking away the ammunition. How do you do that? By accepting that it doesn’t fucking matter and there’s NO REASON to care.

Someone thinks messy top buns are unoriginal, boo.

Someone thinks all Goths do meth, boo.

Someone thinks you’re a virgin because you collect Pokemon cards at age 30, once again:


So fucking what? If you like those things then what’s there to be upset about? Sure someone made fun of you, but they’re the idiot here, not you. You’re doing you, doing what you like regardless of if some piss-pot makes fun of you. You can’t be shamed if you’re unashamed, so the next time someone teases you for liking anime or for wearing Abercrombie and Finch, just shrug them off and ask them why they give a shit when you clearly don’t. That’s bad ass and it feels a lot better than seething over it and spilling that negativity on the internet.

Fat girls calling themselves curvy instead of fat

The amount of men and women who have such an issue with “fat girls” calling themselves curvy is astonishing, people care so much about other people LOVING THEMSELVES of all things these days. Mytakes are written about it shitting all over their bodies and telling them what they can and can’t call themselves because of x, y, and z reason, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.

Sssshhhhh …. No, no, sshh … shhhhh …. Ssssh…. Hush angel face, just … sssshh....

It doesn’t matter. Stats show that 60% of reported sexual abuse in Canada is committed against children under the age of 18; there are nearly 210 million orphans in the world and they are more likely than the average person to commit suicide later in life; 1.2 billion people live in places without adequate access to water. Yes, WATER.

Curvy vs. fat does not matter.

Feel how you want about fat people, but you are not the queen nor the king of the magical land called What You Are Allowed To Call Yourselfalot and you can’t control what people refer to themselves as. No one is trying to force you to agree with them so there’s no reason for you to get so rustled in the jimmy-jims about it. And if they are trying to make you agree with them, you have every right to just disagree, flip em’ the bird and go on with your life. I’m not asking you to find fat people sexy; I’m just saying there’s no reason to get pissed over the fact that not all of them hate themselves.

You’re allowed to disagree – but that’s it. That’s all you can do. You can’t individually stop every 300lb+ girl from calling herself curvy or sexy, no matter how many mytakes you write about it “correcting” them. Some things are just out of your control, and that’s one of them.

And honestly you are being a bit of douche about it. That’s not positive. I know you’re better than that. You know you’re better than that. Be better than that, Susan.

Susan .^^^^ Don't be like Susan. **No offence to people actually named Susan, I'm just an idiot.***

Let people live their lives and be happy for the fact that they love themselves and are living life the way they want to live it. If you’re concerned about their health like half of you claim to be, maybe try actually promoting health and offering advice when asked instead of just taking steamy shits all over them, yeah?

Maybe appreciate the positives in things a little more. Just respectfully disagree, grab a fist full of kale, take a breath, and let it go. Like that fart you’ve held in for that entire lengthy business meeting. You know, from eating all of that kale.Woosh.

Someone not returning your politeness

Isn’t it rude when you hold the door for someone and they don’t say thank you? Of course it is. Fuck them.

But there’s no reason to let it ruin your entire day.

I have friends who have literally let this single act alone set off their day to just be total shit. It ruined their attitude and they stayed negative and huffy for the entirety of their day, simply because someone was absent minded or rude.

Yes when you do nice things people SHOULD be polite, but not everybody is. It’s like I said: some people just SUCK, there’s nothing you can do about it. Blowing up on them, on the internet, or just letting it ruin your attitude for the entire day affects you far more than it affects them. So instead of getting your pantaloons twisted you can look at it this way:

They just made you look 10x more awesome!

When you’re polite even in the face of adversity (aka a shit brain) you demonstrate to everyone around you that the world doesn’t suck completely, and that is a heroic ass thing to do. You should be PROUD. You rock, they suck, and you win for being polite, they lose for sucking eggs.

So don’t sweat it.

Being offended by something someone said on the internet

I promise you I will piss someone off with the things I had to say in my mytake, and they will likely be way more offended about it than they should be. Like an unhealthy level of offended.

Hell we get offended by the things celebrities do and say in their daily lives these days, so offended that blog posts will just puke shit out for the sake of views. It’s so easy to start a discussion on the internet just by inviting the topic of why something somebody said or did offended you.

We get a little wrapped up in how important we think are, don’t we?

Listen: between the trolls and the generally non-pc individuals that exist online and in the media, you need to be fully prepared for the fact that there is going to be a good chance that somebody says something that irks you. It might be stupid, it might be bait, you may disagree so hard that you can’t even believe there’s somebody out there with an opposing opinion – but there’s no reason to – once again – let it fuck up your whole experience.

**This image is hardly relevant but it made me laugh.**

G@G is a great example: I see too many users (typically the youngins) who literally admit to feeling depressed and stressed out by the other users of G@G who fiercely disagree with them and attack them. It’s kind of sad, for multiple reasons. This is a community where a healthy, heated debate should be welcomed, but because of the try-hard-trolls people are allowing their experiences to be completely ruined, when there's no reason for it to be that way.

I can’t lie and say I haven’t gotten heated online, but after being around the bend enough I can confidently say that nothing anybody says to me online genuinely hurts my feelings. Because I am the queen of not giving a fuck and because they’re just a name on a screen who likely wouldn’t have half as much shit to say if I was physically present. Even if they did, they’re just like me (just shittier and less cool); a person with an opinion they’re passionate about. And in the case of trolls, well, they’re not worth the energy. Period. It’s all either a big joke to them or they’re really freaking sad individuals who deserve pity, not time and energy.

So, don’t let celebrities and shmucks on the internet cause chafing in your jims; just and google cat pictures. Or porn. Neither will bust your balls for disagreeing with them.

Well … the former might in fantasy, if that’s what inflates your date.

Alright everybody that’s my spiel for the day, I hope you all enjoyed it because I had a blast writing it. Fill me in on what you think are some silly problems people bitch about in the comments or just bust my ass about why you didn’t agree with me, I can take it.

Preemptive TGIF, G@G community.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree with a lot of what you said but I disagree with using people in Africa to minimize someone else's struggles. Saying someone shouldn't be upset about their life because there are other people who seem to have it worse is like saying you shouldn't be happy because there are other people who seem to have it better.

    I agree that it's annoying to hear people complain and that some of the stuff people get bent out of shape over seems silly but how difficult other people's lives are doesn't factor really factor into how satisfied you are with your own life. How you perceive and how easily you handle certian scenarios is largely relative to what you've previously experienced. Other people's experiences don't factor in because you generally can't relate to them.

    Anyways, I kinda feel like you are preaching to the choir with this. Everyone who already shares your viewpoint will comment about how much they agree with everything you said and how you took the words right out of their mouth but the type of people you are criticizing are probably not going to read this and change how they feel or act.

    • I agree to the first part, don't get me wrong, if you have a problem it doesn't necessarily need to be compared to something bigger as a means of belittling it, but when you focus on such trivial things... yeah, I think a little perspective is in order.

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    • Fair enough.

    • Yessir, I see your point as well mind you, I'm not saying you're entirely wrong.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Dear lord, the curvy vs. fat thing is *so* annoying. It has been proven that promoting body positivity HELPS people to lose weight, and not the other way around!


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What Guys Said 13

  • As usual. . . nice myTake! And I, also, am so tired of hearing people whine because someone else had the AUDACITY to disagree with them.

  • I have not had a lot of time on GaG and haven't had a chance to go through Takes as much as possible so I have missed a lot of your wonderful Takes. Yes this Take means a lot to me, a friend of mine has discovered she has a serious cancer, she has two boys under 10. So anytime I feel down or have FirstWorldProblems, I look in the mirror and say "Shut up you moany shit, you don't even know the meaning of the word of problems"

  • So appearently TL:DR vesion would be this: There are people, who just suck. Said people, who suck are "keyboard warriors" with the intention to make others feel miserable across the globe and we can either decide to get offended by it or just disregard them and ignore them.
    The latter is a plan!
    Many of these troll people DO suck x) I did realize, that they are a waste of energy and time ;) :D :)

    "So, don’t let celebrities and shmucks on the internet cause chafing in your jims; just move-on. com and google cat pictures. Or porn."
    WILL DO!
    *goes to YP and XNXX*

  • Thank you for putting things in perspective. People need to chill out a little.
    Great take, you may not have written one in a while but you got it.

  • Releasing my problems don't matter and are ignorable is exactly what has allowed me to never develop a depression.

  • hahaha that meme with baby... your post offends me I am going to report you

    Nice Take.

  • Loved this MyTake
    also laughed a lot when you said aboot :D

  • Commenting to save this for later as i imagine this posting is like pizza, it only gets better when i slice it into 8 pieces as it screams and stuff it in my fridge.
    please don be #offended

  • lmfao the raccoon is shocked :P

  • I really liked this 👏👏

  • TLDR. But it looks like you're on the right track. I really DGAF. :-)

  • Can you help me be happy about my problems too since you give thoughtful advice? For example gag hacked stalked and doxed me and is still doing it. Should me ignoring it make me happy or should I do something about it.

  • no such thing as a meaningless problem.

    • Meaningless? No, but I'm not so politically correct as to say that I think people could do without complaining about the petty stuff.

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    • I never tried to deny that people have emotions, young one. Obviously you're allowed to be upset by things, but my take challenges the reader to overcome small problems and not allow them to consume you. It has a more positive message than you think if you take the time to get past my catty writing style.

      You don't have to agree with it, but I'm not going to back down from anything that I said here either.

    • yes, old woman. i just responded with my own point, i now know that you cannot tolerate anything beyond your own prism. hahaa #hahaha

What Girls Said 2

  • Love it, well said!

  • Your right. Why care about my own problems when I should realize that other people have it worse than me.

    • That isn't necessarily what I stated in my take.

      Of course, you can have your feelings about your issues, I'm not suggesting that you absolutely repress yourself. What I am talking about in this particular mytake are the people who hyperfocus on negativity that isn't worth half of the energy they expel on it. Like some of the issues I listed above.

      Sure, you can feel how you want about it, but if ultimately, if all you do is focus and complain about how much trivial issues suck, yeah, you might find a person like me who thinks you need to buck up and put your focus on issues that are a little more worthy of all of that energy.