An Immature Girl's Guide to Dating an Older Experienced Guy

I'm in my early 20s and the man I like is in his mid 20s. While the age difference is pretty nil, the maturity difference is the width of your typical ocean. Whatever that width may be. Okay, bad metaphor.

An Immature Girl's Guide to Dating an Older Experienced Guy

.... first maturity test? haha.

When he and I first met, I felt like his daughter instead of his date. Despite being an English major, his vocabulary was double mine. He appeared in a suit and I - without thinking much upon it - showed up in a long sleeve shirt and booty shorts. Whoops. But I realized with time, that this severe difference in maturity was exactly what I needed.

My first recommendation, don't be intimidated. Okay, that's impossible. You're going to be a bit unnerved when he starts talking about his position in a major financial corporate, and the only thing you can contribute is: "Umm well I've taken a Finance class in uni before!" Recognize that he's been in your place before - he was once as immature and/or inexperienced as you. Everything you find embarrassing or awkward about yourself, he can likely empathize. And because of this, he'll have no issues communicating with you. He may even find your bumbling cute or endearing. He's experienced. Take a risk, and blurt out that silly joke. He'll know how to handle you.

Start dressing better! He may forgive your booty shorts the first time, but he'll eventually be bothered by your dress code. He wants a woman, not a girl. Throw out those Pokemon underwear and invest in some big girl panties. Oh, and heels. Don't forget the heels.

Acknowledge the benefits AND detriments of your crazy hormones. No more p*rn marathons, time to pay some sexual attention to your significant other. If you can't give up the p*rn (and you shouldn't have to), ask him to watch it with you. He may enjoy your insane sex drive but remember that you can't pounce on him at every second of the day.

Less drama. Possibly the biggest difference between an older dude and a younger one. They expect less drama from you, and will give you less in return. They don't want to hear about so-and-so cheating on her bf with so-and-so's mother. Keep that to yourself and your gossip queens.

You should also realize that hanging out with an older, more experienced man will benefit your own personality. He'll constantly challenge you to improve yourself indirectly or up front - you'll have to exert more effort and brainpower to sustain a conversation with him. It'll be a huge contrast to the "swagaholic" friends you may or may not have grown up with. Sooner than later, you'll develop as well. You'll become more alert, professional. You'll mature.


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  • I'm sure he was fine with the booty shorts, just sayin

    • Hahaha possibly! But we sure looked strange together. If only you all saw what we did.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm confused so to whether this is talking about a advice for girls dating older men or it's for immature girls dating mature men. Also if there's a difference in maturity level, especially if it is a big gap in maturity, wouldn't that mean that the couple will probably not make it.

    • It's a good article even though it suffers from an imperfect title. I had some of the same thoughts. Maybe some tips on how to overcome an actual maturity gap would be welcome on this site.

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    • Damn! I meant a man who exhibits more maturity than you do, regardless of age. Sorry for the confusion.

      As for the not making it thing - it depends. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Many couples aren't seeking longevity, but an enjoyable short term fling.

    • Oh ok, Thanks for clarifying! :)

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  • booty shorts never go out of style.

    • Except during the Winter. Hmmm, no maybe not even then.

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