The Secret To Talking To Girls

The secret to talking to girls

I dont know why it took me a LONG time to discover this. I'm 22 years old. As a young kid and through out high school I was terrified of talking to girls. I didn't know what to say, what to talk about, how to talk to them, how to flirt, etc etc. The internet didn't make things any easier, any time i saw something as "negative" (according to the net) i would back off the girl and not pursue anything and miss any possible chance. I would also overthink and stay up all night(literally) all the signs the girl is giving and what they mean. Now i've discovered the secret and i can't believe it's really this easy...

Having good people skills. Literally, this is all there is to it. I don't believe in confidence making things work, I literally believe in just having good social skills. I mean think about it, the way you talk to a girl, is literally the same you talk to a guy. Sure you may avoid some topics with a girl you would talk with a guy, but you literally just talk to them and treat them the same as a guy.

The # 1 advice I can give to guys struggling to talk to girls is just to talk to EVERYONE. You didn't over think and hesitate to talk to another guy sitting next to you in class, or an old lady at the bus stop waiting with you. You just do it. Literally the same thing applies to girls.

Another major thing you have to keep in mind, different people have different views on what or who is attractive. You WILL meet average, or even ugly girls, who will find YOU ugly. And you will meet athletic build hot 10/10 girls who will find you cute. Of course the vice versa happens frequently, but it's the truth. You dont know if the girl will find you attractive or not untill you try

And finally you have to remember one last thing, you all know that phrase "The pursuit of happiness"? Well it's true, it really is the pursuit of happiness, not the spoon feeding of happyness. If you're not satisfied with the girls that like you and you date/talk to, you need to go out there and talk to those hot girls and see if they'll like you back. They won't come to you, trust me. Nothing in life is just handed to you free.

Thank you.


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  • Talking to them is one thing. Letting them know you're interested is another. Good "mytake" overall.

    • Thanks! its my first one. but talking to them = letting them know you're interested, is what i meant in this article.

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  • Talking to them as if they were a guy as you say, is really in Layman's terms "Be yourself" ^^

    • Yup. i was talking to a 9/10 girl in my class today. she brought up she has a boyfriend mid conversation. but i still talked to her just for the experience. it went well. now i just gotta repeat the same thing with a single girl :)

  • You literally said literally like literally too many times, because I couldn't tell if you were like literally meaning or like literally not meaning it.

  • I find this not so new... cause I think people skill requires confidence! Am I rite?

    • They kind of go hand in hand. the problem is everyone says "confidence" but then people are lost on how to acquire confidence.

    • Confidence can leave you very ignorant. You can have it, doesn't mean it'll do anything.

      "As long as you have confidence" as a phrase girls like to throw around. -_- Which doesn't really mean that much. Confidence is seen lots of times as egotism, and arrogance. Nobody wants that.

    • Ok... got it! I considered both to be the same thing... anyways thanks take owner and @biffwebster

  • easier said than done... all the girls are simply not attracted to me... so its not easy

    • How do you know this?

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    • Well then I guess you better give up dating then huh?

    • yeah... its really hard when girls are not simply attracted to me, how much more dating

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