Pros and Cons of Dating An Older Woman

Pros and Cons of Dating An Older Woman

I read a take not to long ago about the Pros and Cons of dating older men. Today I will share some pros and cons that come with dating older ladies. As a young man that means women who are 40 years or older


1) Emotional baggage: She has been in a bunch of failed relationships, an has a bunch of emotional issues.

2) Children: She might have kids.

3) She is passed her physical prime: She won't be as beautiful and youthful as she once was.

4) People will look at you strange when you are showing PDA with a woman who is twice our age.


1) The sex: She is experienced and will be awesome in bed; she can teach you a lot.

2) Less insecurity than younger girls: Just dont bring up her age!

3) Less commitment: She might be using you only for pleasure and company, but who cares!

4) Sugar momma: She is financially secure, has a career and you won't have to worry about paying for everything; hell she might even buy you gifts!

Dating an older lady has its pros and cons, but they have knowledge and many virtues that are desirable. So go out and get yourself a cougar!


Most Helpful Girl

  • On #3, there are plently of beautiful older women and your forgetting that some have a gene where they look younger than their age

    • i completely agree!
      but i didn't mean she was unattractive but rather past her prime

    • That maybe, but I don't want older women. And I won't compromise on this view.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well let's say on the CONS
    1) I've dated girls my age who had much more problems than older womem
    2) kids sucks, but they grow, and actually when they are grown it's kinda cool having them around.
    If you are not an ass with them
    3) if you are dating a hot woman, who cares if she's 20 or 40? she's hot. Would you prefer dating a 20 yo that sucks, but she's young?
    4) I don't give a shit of what people think of me. I am the one who go out with her, not them (if that's an issue that really means I'm a stupid kid)

    1) well, she has experience and that's good for sure
    2) sure, no more games. I hate games
    3) if she loves you she desn't use you. Get a Porsche and go out, pick up some 20 yo girl, she'll give you a head just for the car. She has just used you.
    4) that's horrible. You want to date someone to have somebody to buy you stuff? well, you are just a slutty w h o r e.


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What Girls Said 11

  • Personally I like younger guys because they tend to be less insecure, more optimistic, more energetic and happier, nicer to be with all around. I don't have a ton of emotional baggage or a lot of miles on me but I like to think I'd make them as happy as they make me if not hopefully more:)

    • Yeah, i generalized a bit there, but i am happy to hear that women date younger guys
      its nice to here from a a cougar =)

      And yeah there are many pros and cons to dating younger guys too!

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    • If you are mature for your age, it may well work out:) Don't ever doubt yourself.

    • Thanks for the support!!!
      yeah i really like this lady!
      i hope it works =)

  • I'm a firm believer that people should just date/marry in their own age bracket. Like I wouldn't date anyone past 31 and under 20. That's just me.

    • It just sucks how people talk so down about older women. Makes me not wanna get old, but I have no choice.

    • yeah, getting old isn't the nicest thing
      but its a part of life and its beautiful in its own way

  • Con about women dating younger guys: they're desperate

  • Ha, ha! I love #3...'she might be using you, but who cares'.

  • Thank you very much for this mytake
    All my concerns of dating older women have been addressed.

  • All of these are stereotypical pros and cons

    • well of course
      it was supposed to be highly generalized
      there are probably better, deeper reasons one would choose to date someone who is older
      but these reasons will apply to most cougars/older ladies

  • 3 and 4 in the cons only applies to a woman that do not look like she could be her age. 2 can only be a con if a guy will mind her having kids. As for 3 in the pros most older women want a commitment so this only applies to a cougar looking for sex with a younger guy and 4, not every older woman is looking to take care of a younger man but she would be willing to foot the bill most times. I would like to add that emotional baggage is something that comes with experience not age. I know older men and women that have not had enough relationships or been through anything bad to consider having baggage. Not meaning to decipher your take I just feel that it is too biased and that under different circumstances some cons may be pros and vice verse and there has to be more to it then you have listed.

    • your points are very valid, and agree a lot with them =)

  • Maybe I will do a take on the pros and cons of dating a younger guy.

    • Yeah! definitely!
      thats why i made this! to show a different perspective

  • good points

  • 1|1
    • YES, YES I AM LOL!!!
      we got some anonymous detectives here on GAG

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    • bringing me too the light!
      who are you... that is my question...

    • I just read that question about you and the cougar. So how Is it going? Did u do it yet? I take it that you're still confused about her

  • WOW... really


What Guys Said 12

  • #1 pro should be maturity (i. e. no mind games, no purposely playing hard to get, no purposely ignoring the person to get them to wonder why they're being ignored). Immature guys do this too.

    • very true!
      often age creates experience and maturity


    Merely depends on the woman and her background.

    • well said!
      i like the meme

  • Instead of desiring an older woman, why don't I just take control of my destiny and be successful, myself, so that both young and older girls are lining up for my D?

    • Well said!
      but i am not saying GO GET OLDER LADIES! do you
      i was just listing some pros and cons
      all women have their virtues

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    • Lmao!!!
      yeah bro, do you! you dont need some lady supporting you haha

    • One step further: I am open to supporting beautiful ladies.

      Family: My girlfriend/wife/daughters/mother/aunts

      Professionally: Business associates, secretaries, co-workers, personal stylists, hair dresser, teachers, personal cooks, and more...

      But I am going to be at the top and I am going to bless others because I was first blessed by The Lord.

  • pros.

    stronger communicator, understands you and situations betters hence knows what to do in all situations including with your pants down, less cruel, they just have better nipples to play with more often, she's a better lover physically and emotionally, more humble/modest since she's faced father time, more financially stable so she can help you out as well, less drama if her insecurity is taken care of.


    kids, not the best age if you want kids in your future, stubborn, unable to accept new things, sometimes possessive and bossy, makes you age faster mentally, emotional baggage if she was a serial dater, desperate but tries to play it off

    • Yeah there were more pros and cons, i just thought i would mention a few =)
      All your points are valid

    • yep dated one older. i like younger personally. much younger like 5 years at least.

  • Don't date older women, they will try to trap you with a kid.

    • lol! nah i doubt that

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    • Like they keep their kids a secret and then spring it on you once you're committed, whatever.

    • No, they will try to get pregnant so you won't leave and you can settle down.

      Single moms are a different story

  • relationship is just about emotions boy. if u consider these pros-cons shits too much, then you can't be happy even with your soul mate

  • And after Ashton married Demi Moore, he got to be with Mila Kunis!


  • I wouldn't date an older woman. For many reasons. They're looks are gone, too much baggage and they are, well old.
    They have way too much baggage and I don't want them. Men who do date then can't do any better and have Mommy issues.

  • Uhm... I think I'll just stick to women my own age.

  • I can honestly say you don't know what the FUCK you're talking about.

  • PRO- she fucks like a pro

  • Being older does not necessarily mean being financially secure; there are old losers.

    • yes this is true
      this take is highly generalized!

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