Fed up with hints after I've asked twice

KindaFed up with hints after I've asked twice.

Wondering if men are unobservant on purpose. I give you a back rub and say you should give me one next time. Everyday for a week you say something like oh my neck hurts, or I worked hard today my back aches. And they pretend to rub your shoulders for 30 to 45 seconds and they're distracted again. I am giving up on offering my man anything pleasurable till I receive some kind of pleasure in return for the many blowjobs and rubs and little special gifts I get him. It's not fair for one person to put forth all the effort.


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  • Agreed! A few of my ex gfs were like that... Which is why they are now, exes.


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  • If that's true... with what kind of moron are you together?

  • Yeah, true girls also have to pay one dates


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