How to know when enough is enough

So many people stay on relationships long after a healthy expiration date. This is my opinion of when it's time to walk away.How to know when enough is enough.

When the person you love is unfaithful. If a man truley loves me he won't be unfaithful. He would have a hard time doing things that would break my heart and the reward of an affaire wouldn't be worth the risk to him.

If a man is in love with me the only tears i would shed would be out of happiness or love. If I'm constantly alone or feeling betrayed by his disappearing or constant canceling then I don't mean to him what he means to me. Bottom line, you need to know your worth. If you feel like it's ok to be with a selfish man who doesn't care about your feelings then you need to remind yourself that it's not supposed to be that way!

You need to let it be known that your hurt. When I am hurt and feel like he doesn't even care, I quit fighting. I realize I've done all I can and it's up to him to decide if I'm what he wants. I would call him out if I catch him lying and I won't argue if he denies it because bottom line is there's nothing left to fight for. When trust and love are gone, what's left? The memories of what was or the idea of what could've been? Everyone deserves better.

This is where you realize the relationship is bringing more pain and sadness to your life than it is happiness. It may be painful and sad to walk away, but a sad ending also opens up the possibility of a new beginning. I have personally done this at a time when he was supposed to be with me but another "appointment" came up. I drank a bottle of wine and picked my bags leaving only a note stating "when we were good, it was soo good, But now the bad is just too bad. Take care of yourself." It took him three days to return home to contact me.

When he made contact he was full of sadness and despair at my leaving. We had been through this routine so many times that I had to be strong and get myself back together. I had become depressed and coedependant and needed to get myself together because I had nothing left to offer. I was a shell of my normal self and told him we needed to end things so I could fix myself and so he could decide what he truly wants.

A few months had past and I was well on my way back to my normal self when I ran into a group of mutual friends. I was informed that my ex was recently single after being caught cheating on the girl he saw on the side behind my back. I thought i would be angry but I just felt sad. It was what I needed to hear to justify I had made the right decision and I felt as though I had moved forward and had to leave him behind to better myself. I'm not angry with him any longer and we speak occasionally but I will cherish the good times and the good memories we had as opposed to living in broken relationship wishing for things he wasn't prepared to offer.

I hope that men and woman in these situations will read this and realize it doesn't have to be that way. You can walk away and be amazed at where you wind up. If you feel you've tried everything to fix a broken relationship then maybe.. Enough is enough.


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  • Probably living in some remote village that is running out of water. Your family is all dead and you have nothing to eat but mud and worms. On top of that, there's roaming bands of warlords raping and pillaging whatever's left. I don't know if it's 'the worst', but that's what I can think of.


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  • Enjoyed this take very much, nice work!


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