All the 'Overasked' Question's Answered

So, I have only been on GAG for about 6 months now, Which isn't a lot because i know some people have years. BUT, 6 Months is more then enough to see these same questions get asked over and over and over; even hundreds of the same silly questions EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So, I figured, Why not just put them all in one place, so if the questions ever pop up again, Rather then explaining for the 584th Quadseptillionth time the answer to them, we can just reffer them here xD.

All the 'Overasked' question's Answered.

*I know, isn't it exciting? xD*

1) ''Do guys like small boobs or big boobs?''

This seems to be the biggest question asked by girls by FAR. this is asked at least 593,921,032,549,294,287,209,291,098 times per day. So, Best get it out of the way.


I have seen COUNTLESS polls in real life, And here on Gag (One of which i did myself), And i noticed something, GUYS DON'T REALLY CARE ! XD.

You see, The simple fact of the matter is, JUST AS MANY GUYS LIKE BIG FUN BAGS AS SMALL ONES!, SO DON'T WORRY, There is someone out there to cherish your bewbs just as much as you should!

2) ''Is my dick too small?''

Now, When talking about Dick sizes, It's important to talk about Races / Ethnicity.

For example, If you are living in the UK, Your average disco stick will dangle about 5.5Inches. And the Average female Vagina's 'Depth' in the UK will be a depth to suit that average.

Just as, Say, In India, Where the average danger is 4Inches, The average vagina of Indian girls will be a depth suited for the indian floper.

So the Simple fact of the matter is, If you are the Average dick size, you are fine, If you are MASSIVELY above it, Chances are its too big and you're going to hurt her (I mean.... you can't kick a 10inch football into a 5inch net ya know? xD).

But, If you are too far below the Average, she may not feel as much, So, The ideal would be Average with a Leeway of 3ish inches. So, Unless your little buddy is an Annaconda or a Garden worm, stop worrying about it.

3) ''Do guys like skinny or thick girls?''

The answer to this one, is so incredibly blindingly obvious it hurts me that people feel the need to ask it in the first place.


Many polls on here, Including a couple i have done myself, JUST AS MANY GUYS LIKE THINNER GIRLS AS THEY DO BIGGER GIRLS. It really is just personal preffence split at 50%.

What does annoy me though, Is when people abuse this question, What i mean is, *No offence here*, ''Fatter'' girls will say stuff like ''clearly all guys only like annorexic women'', And Uber skinny women will say stuff like ''clearly all guys only like obese women''.

Do you see that? guys don't like extremes. There is a fine line between Slim and Annorexic, Just as there is a fine line between thick and Obese. Neither of Annorexic or Obese are healthy, and guys don't want to date something unhealthy. (Obviously there is exceptions to this but we are talking .01% of guys here.)

Long story short, As long as you are healthy, happy, and not in the extreme zones, You're fine.

4) ''Why don't girls / guys like me? *Insert Rant here*''

>''Why are all men obnoxious sexist pigs who only care about looks? Why won't they date me!?''

> ''Why are all girls judgmental and only care about looks ? Why won't they date me!?''

Lets get this straight right here right now. This is the real world, This is not what your school teacher told you when you were 7.

Beauty is not ''all on the inside'', and ''personality is all what matters'' is lies.

Simply put, Both Genders judge each other on their looks equally.

Guys want a pretty faced girl just as much as girls want a hansome guy.

Guys want a girl with a sexy body just as much as girls want a hunk with abs.

Stop saying ''X Gender is evil'', Because quite frankly, Both genders can be just as nasty as others. No gender is worse then the other in regards to the Judgmental department.

LOOKS ARE IMPORTANT. If there is no physical attraction, Then a relationship will be toxic and unhealthy. Just because you are oh so nice does not mean people should instantly be dropping for you.
I hate to say it but its true. Looks matter just as much as personality.

5) ''I'm 13/14/15 and want to have sex with this 17/18/19+ y/o, Wha....''

Just......... ahhh............. -_-.................

Sseriously...... these questions need to stop like right now........... its sickening. If you want to end up on that MTV show ''Teen Moms'', Cool, Just don't let us know please. We have absolutely no interests in advising you how to attract pedophiles.

Linked to this, If you are 13 or around that age, Please don't upload pictures of yourself in skimpy underwear with captions like ''do i look sexy?''. That's how Pedophiles are created xD

6) ''If a girl has sex with 'x' number of guys is she a slut?''

Listen here buddy, Just because a girl has screwed more guys then you have girls, does not brand her a 'Slut'.

Why is it fair you can screw 50 chicks in 1 day and consider yourself a legend, Yet if she does 50 guys in her entire life you call her a slut?. Its stupid, If she wants to bang dudes, Let her, Her life, not yours.

Personally i believe noone should exactly be screwing multiple different people perweek regardless of gender, To me its absurdly promiscous, But to single out one gender over another is just pathetic, Grow up.

And i hate the argument that ''oh it will make her unpure and she is ruined and dirty and stretched''......... Dude........... i can gurantee your floppy stick will be 50x as dirty and smelly as her sausage wallet ever will. Stop being so pathetic.

And, Stretched ? You realise the vagina is basically just a massive muscle right? It can stretch enough to pop out a human being and then reform to its old size. Do you seriously think your sexist little baby maker stick will affect the tightness of her FooFoo AT ALL!?.... dont be so silly...

7) ''omg why am I so ugly ughhh I'm so fat and gross omg - Uber Hot girl''

Yes you are right, I mean, you are practically model material but yes, you are definitely ''ugly'', ''so fat'' and ''gross''...Don't be so pathetic.

Its a shame too, Your toxic conceited and bragful personality destroys a beautiful body...

Now, I could go on forever with this, Because there a lot of recurring questions here on GAG, but, I believe these to be the most common. And i hope i have helped a lot of you guys out here, if not saved you the time of having to mind numbingly pump out the same answers to the same questions endlessly xD.

Have a nice day.


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  • You missed the incessant "what do you think about (xyz country)?" Those drive me insane. Seriously.

    Overall, I agree with you.

    • Haha, Theyre annoying on they ! xD

      ''What comes to mind when you think of papoapowneavribv-Istan?'' xD

Most Helpful Guy

  • Although I'm not one to slutshame but the thing about women sleeping around being "bad" (not saying it is) is that women mix emotions with sex far more than men do. A man who has had sex with 100 women will 99% of the time feel extremely good about himself. A woman not so much. Further more women are harder to sexually please than men. Almost every man, baring some rare medical condition or missing penis or whatever, is bound to cum during sex. Around 70% of women can not achieve orgasm during normal intercourse. 7 out of 10 women. And those that can still can't do it as their male counterparts.
    Furthermore, when a man has slept with 50 women, it means he went through hell and back just to get it done. A man with that number actually does have something to be proud of. It didn't come easy. I'm not saying that women can realistically have sex at any time they want, but it's close to being like that. It is still 20x easier for women to get sex than it is for men.
    Then there's also the risk of becoming pregnant and being promiscuous with that risk in mind seems... irresponsible.
    So it is harder to please women, finding a partner is easier for women and they have the risk of pregnancy, barring all of that in mind, men aren't fond of promiscuous women because long term relationships with them tend to not work out due to the sex not being good (typically a man who wants to settle will not be as sexually good as the hunk that a woman decided to ride in that one party). Then there's a greater risk of her cheating and becoming pregnant by someone else's child. NO man worth his salt would raise a child that came from 'his' woman but not from him.

    But again, not slut shaming - more like presenting the reasons why a man would slut shame. And I'm not excusing men sleeping around. Those who do it are also far more likely to cheat.

    Oh and then there's STDs.

    • Fantastic opinion, all valid points matey :)

    • what was the point of writing against gender bias, going to agree with him saying there's valid reason for holding sex against women. i liked your post, bc it was very low on bullshit. now you just seem like a hypocrite.

      this dude here you can't take your assuimp[trions about women apply them to all and any individual women then say this is the reason why. its not a reason why its not a reason. its just your feeling.

      you dk how any woman will feel or not feel with sex. and no one attaches emotion.

      -emotion is independent of your will and as a human being you've got them.

      -people dont cheat bc they had sex with a hot person. and if that does it then they weren't ready or a relationship. cheating is about lack of accountability not about dissatisfaction.

      -you dk how hard any one tries to have sex with the person they 'wanted' to have sex with. just bc 100 people want to fuck you doesn't mean you want to fuck more than one and that one may very well not want tot fuck you

    • @Azara , Im not saying i agreed with all his points, I was just saying his points were well written and should be taken into consideration.
      Even as he said, He does not condone slut shaming, Nor do i, He was just saying why some guys do it, not saying why HE believes slut shaming is ok...

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  • LOL, this take needed to be made!!

  • Lol, I seriously love your writing style, its so unusual and refreshing and its also funny. Lol I seriously laughed throughout the whole thing, well in my head... cuzz ya. Anyways, you seem like a pretty good writer. Is that your dream or something?
    It was absolutely lovely though. XD

    • Glad you liked it matey. And nah, Rarely ever write haha. Got a D in English in school, So, Not that great xD.

    • Well, everyone IS different, so I might think its great and someone else might night. Idc I liked it. XD
      Grades don't really matter depending on what you want to do in life. so ya :)

  • Haha, everything is to the point and I love the gifs.

    I do think you could have gone more in depth about the personality vs looks part.

    I do agree unless you're blind every one is effected by the visual as beauty is an indicator of genetic health to an extent, which is why we all are effected by it.
    But a large part is just preference, say for example I prefer Asian girls, a 6 Asian would be more attractive to me than an 8 who's white.
    Physical attractiveness definitely has degrees, but it's a lot more fluid than many people think.

  • What a fantastic myTake! :D Funny, and full of all the answers all of those questions really need all in one shot.

  • LMAO *standing ovation* this take is excellent!!! i love it LOL

  • standing ovation, slow applause , just wow... best take!! -so true of the questions

  • U are just a very funny person. Great My Take!

  • Haha, I like your writing style. You get to the point and use cool words.

    Great Take.

  • Great Take!

    The problem is, this site doesn't have an FAQ page for these things. So the chances of finding this Take for all their life's problems is low and they'll be asked for the 585th Quadseptillionth, etc. time.

    • Haha, Yeah, Its a shame :(. Oh well, at least the rest of us can have a giggle about it? ;)

  • Great take! I'm still trying to figure out with all of the recent updates, why there has not been a common questioned asked section.

  • lol how did I miss this, it's so perfect.

  • Thank GOD. I will seriously vouch for all of these. I applaud you 👏🏼

  • great take :)

  • Lol love this MyTake! 👌

    • Thank you matey, Glad ya enjoyed it! ;)

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    • It can. Some people are oversensitive. Forget them :P

      Do it! I'd love another good laugh :D

    • Haha, Will do matey ;)

  • Okay, that was absolutely perfect and definitely made me laugh XD

  • Omg I love you and this post was hilarious. Thanks for making my day.


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  • "Just as, Say, In India, Where the average danger is 4Inches"
    My god I'm so big lol

    by the way, your take was superlatively awesome 😊

    • Cheers matey, I appreciate it, And im glad to hear your disco stick is above average haha, Good for you xD

    • Keep doing that good work up. You're the smartest under 18 guy I've ever seen here. :)

    • Hah, Cheers, And you're the Dandiest, Indian 20 year old i've seen on here xD

  • 3|1
  • I love your mytake. It is so true. I love the way you are not sugar coating it and saying it how it is. I get sick of people saying looks are not important, looks have some importance to everyone even if the person is not prepared to admit it. You have to have some level of physical attraction to a person to date them.

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks like that xD

    • Yes I am just a person that sees the truth for what it is and does not like people that talk BS.

  • Thank you for writing this.
    I've been thinking of writing it myself since the "Ass or boobs" questions are everywhere now.

    I feel like GAG should have a feature where it would show if the question you're asking has already been asked like they do on Yahoo Answers.

  • I think the "boobs or ass" question is asked way more than any of these, including the boob size question.

    • Yeah, it does get asked a lot, but hey, i may always make a part 2 xD

  • Hahaha, this is so true !

    Although I'm guilty of no. 7 !
    And I do care about boobs, C cups are my preference ! :P

    • Haha, Whatever floats your boat matey.

      But, C's are like average 'in the middle' size right? :P

    • No, my young friend, C's are on the bigger side, but they're often better shaped than D's and don't suffocate you ^^ Lol

    • In the United States 34D is the average I think. But B and C almost always look nice.

  • Great take.

    *standing ovation*

    These never ending repetitive questions make me grumpy.

  • I like your take!

    • Thank you matey, I appreciate it! :D

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    • Look here too for your follow up: :D :D

    • Wow, 99% of those takes aren't even takes, Just random, incoherent rants aimed at nobody or aimed at a personal individual that has no relevence to the reader.

      like, Why the heck would anyone want to read a 5000 word rant about how much you hate your ex boyfriend and his cooking am i right? xD

  • I liked this take until I read your answer to question 3.
    Really, the only place on earth (excluding all non-European countries, because you know, Europe is basically the world) that likes "thick" girls is the internet.
    I have had so many long conversations with so many people about that and have yet to meet someone in real life who goes for thick girls.

    • Honestly, I actually see more guys going for Thick girls then slimmer ones.

      When i say 'Thick', I do not mean fat and obese with lots of fat rolls and stuff, I just mean some extra pounds and noticeably more curvy ya know?

    • Yeah, I know what you mean, however affected girls think people mean something else when saying thick.
      And you know, to be honest, I don't know many girls that have "some extra pounds", most girls I know are actually skinny with a relatively low count of exceptions.

    • Mhmm, Im not going to lie, As much as i dont like to 'fat shame' as i use to be Obese myself, It does extremely piss me off when you see girls who are clearly very overweight / obese branding themselves as 'thick' and 'curvy'. Nah... You're just obese xD.

  • Great take :)

  • An accurate GaG summary !!

  • Good take dude, there is almost all the repeated questions.

  • Really nice take.