About Dating An Introverted/Loner-ish Guy

For the Girls (Especially the Extroverts): Some Things To Know About Dating An Introverted/Loner-ish Guy

For the Girls (Especially the Extroverts): Some Things To Know About Dating An Introverted/Loner-ish Guy.Ladies, you're probably not generally attracted to the type of guy who secludes himself and sits in the darkest corner he can find. In fact, it's probably rare for "loner" and "dating" to even be used in the same sentence. Well, if you're into this type of guy, though, or you just found out that your guy is introverted, don't just immediately go for a breakup in favor of an extroverted guy. Introverts can be fun and romantic, too, it's just that we like to do things differently.

Some facts about us:

1. We're very personal. Sure, we can talk and have conversations with people on the Internet just fine, there's no problems there. However, a face-to-face conversation is much more valuable to us. We like to be with the person we're meeting one hundred percent. Don't take it personally if we put up façades or act standoff-ish the first time we meet you. We're merely protecting ourselves and understanding who you are. If we take the time to really absorb your aura and start to loosen up with you, then you're in the clear.

2. We value our alone time. Again, don't take this personally. It's not that we don't want to spend time with you. We love your company, just not being smothered by it. After we go out in public, we need to hole up in our rooms and stick our noses in a book to revitalize ourselves. It's when we're at our happiest, and when we can truly relax and smile. We won't answer your calls or texts for a while, but again, it's nothing wrong with you. If you can allow us our time to just be with ourselves, we will love you for it.

3. We're not that great at groups, but we will try for you. You may want to take us with you on a little excursion to meet your friends. Us going with you for such things is a difficult hoop to jump through, but we will jump through it for your sake. Just don't expect us to be contributing to group debates, discussions, or general conversations all that much. We can derive pleasure from such things just by watching others participating and having fun. That's enough to put a smile on our face. Also, expecting to hear from us in the next couple of days may be a waste of your time. Social excursions take a lot out of us, and we'll require alone time to recharge. Again, it's nothing with you, don't worry. We'll be with you again soon.

4. We can be outgoing, but in a calmer way. We like to take things slowly, stop and smell the roses, the daisies, the mums, the other roses, the pansies, the violets, and the bellflowers. We enjoy long, romantic walks on the beach, in a park, by a lake. We like small picnics, and street fairs. Just being with you and only you will be the greatest thing to get our hearts racing. At the end of the day, if we're just sitting there with you, watching the sunset, we may just kiss you out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason other than to be romantic. It's just our way of showing you that we had a great time with you, and that we were happy that we got to spend this time with you. Or, if we're watching a movie together at home, we may tackle you out of nowhere and cuddle with you. It's just our way of showing how much you mean to us. Don't worry, we're not afraid to get romantic with you.

5. We are fiercely loyal. If you can find a way to reserve yourself a special spot in our hearts, that is your spot, and your spot alone. We won't go running off with some other girl, or guy (if, by a long shot, we swing both ways). We will dedicate our hearts to you and we will protect you without faltering if there is trouble. All we ask in return is that you return our sentiments, and don't go off with some other guy. We will automatically assume that this means you're tired of us, and we will retreat to loner mode. Getting in touch with us again will be difficult. We may forgive you in the long run, but it will be hard for us to trust you in the future. Please. We desire no one other than you. Prove to us that the same is true for you the first time around.

So you see, we can bring a lot to a relationship if only you'll give is a chance to show you. When considering this, though, you'll have to make the first move. We won't just come up and talk to you, it's not in our nature, no matter how attracted we are to you.

Hope this helped. Give us a chance, ladies. Being with a loner isn't all so bad. We can make it enjoyable.


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  • Mmm... not for me. I like that bold confident personality that isn't arrogant but is daring, dashing, and passionate. Guys as you describe sound sweet. But I like sweet... and dirty.. if that makes any sense.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Where can I find one? These guys sound AWESOME! Great Take. Thank you!

    • its hard to find us :D either we are at home recharging or we are outside at least trying to blend in a bit :)

    • I like that you pointed that out, Dashy. We are hard to find because we know how to blend well into crowds in social situations and know the best places to hide where people won't find us. As for recharging, it's what we spend most of our time doing when we're not at work/school.

  • Great take, I liked it a lot. Thanks for writing shinigami-kun!!!

  • I relate to this, except I'm a girl 😜

    • Guys and Girls are very similar in some ways, and different in many others. So I'm not personally surprised that you can relate. Thank you for reading! ^^

  • I love how you write, wow.


What Guys Said 3

  • I am loner but I never say it to boost my self 😃
    Thanks for this ttake

  • I agree with you. Nice Take!

  • Story of my life. Thanks. I'll share this around.


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