How do people GET boyfriends and girlfriends?

I mean like where do you meet your significant other. I've never been in a relationship and i'm 20. I'm a normal girl, im not horrific looking, im not shy, im easy going, i have friends so i dont think im like unbearable to be around but guys just dont show interest in me. I just dont get how most people meet their future boyfriend or girlfriend. I don't know I guess I just want to hear your stories :)


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  • I met current girlfriend at a seminar/convention for work, we were just two people who didn't have anyone else to go with and we ended up hanging out and our time together wasn't awkward. Thats how we knew we had chemistry.

    I've met previous girlfriends at college, through friends, going out and even one online, that one didn't turn out very well.
    No reason why it won't for you though.

    • I feel like I have trouble meeting new people at school in general. I dont really know how to go up to new people and start a convo or keep a regular like platonic relationship going.

    • You just have to be brave about it, if you like somebody make a joke, flirt and just be yourself.
      A good way to start a conversation with somebody is to ask them about the things they are interested in and talk about those subjects, then if the person isn't a dick, they will also listen to you until you find your common ground, then its what are you doing this weekend, wwant to go with me to such and such a place or did you know this was happening this weekend, want to go? that sort of thing.

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  • I met mine through settings that I would be at everyday, such as school and work. You can wait for it to happen, or you can make it happen, up to you:)

    • lol how do you make it happen?

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    • was this at school? like in class?

    • The gf's I've had, it's in class and at work.

  • I met her at university. She was cool, she thought I was cool, and now we're together. Yay! #simple_version

  • "not horrific". You need to be hot.

    • lol people tell me im pretty but i didn't want to say that because it always sounds conceited

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  • I met my boyfriend on a dating website. I was a bit like you, not ugly, with many friends and not really complicated but I just couldn't approach men and they wouldn't really approach me. I was kinda shy when it came to men. I went on a dating website, met many men until I met my boyfriend. A couple of my friends went on the same website when they found out I met my boyfriend this way.

    It's not as cute as people meeting in real life but I have a boyfriend I love and in the end, that's all that matters ;)

    • what website? and yeah i have the same problem. Im like not shy at all but when it comes to talking to guys i just cant, i get so shy.

    • It's a french website "adopte un mec" but I'm sure you'd find good site

  • From my experience and the experience of those around me:
    -through mutual friends

    • Im not old enough to go to bars and clubs, and dont those usually lead to hookups anyway? also I have like all friends who are girls. Also I go to a really big university where its hard to really meet new people and stay in contact with them and I dont have a job

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    • my group of friends is really tightknit. we kind of have each other and thats it

    • Then I guess the answer to your question is that the people with SO's are in different situations to you lol