Would you change your religion because of your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Some background info to start off with:

I was raised Christian, and then my family got away from going to church, etc. and things kept going downhill. My parents got divorced when I was about 12. I went to a private school until high school, and I was fine with that. The only thing I didn't care for was when people would ask questions in religion class that would involve other religions. Instead of telling the truth about the other religion, the teacher would give false information. Whether they knew it was false or not, I don't know. I've found out what other religions believe from people that believe in it that I've talked to. So, in short, I became agnostic. I don't deny that there is a God at all, I just didn't go to church/pray for several years, mainly because I had no way to get to church.

Now, I am a bit confused... I'm not sure what to do.

My boyfriend is Mormon, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I've gone to his church youth group many times with him, and I like the people and environment there. I also like how they, in general, raise their families. They are kind, respectful, genuinely good people. In about 6 months, my boyfriend will be leaving on a 2 year mission that most guys go on. I decided a long time ago that I would wait for him, and he told me that he wants to return to me, that he can see himself marrying me in the future. We work so well together, and we have been told this by many people. We never fight, neither of us get angry easily. We have a very strong and wonderful relationship.

More out of curiosity than anything, I let him set up a date where the missionaries in the area could come and teach me about their religion. The simple curiosity became really wanting to know. When they asked if I had questions, I said I didn't really because everything they said made sense. Not once did I think "There's no way...", I was never skeptic about it. It seemed like they were just telling me a truth that I hadn't been taught before. They invited me to go to church with them, and I agreed.

My question is, would you change your religion for your significant other? Not really *for* them, but because of them? It's true, I'm going through this because I want to be with him, but now I want to do this more for myself.

What are your opinions on this situation?

What advice can you give me?
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Just an added thought: I wouldn't change my religion to make him happy. I would never do that if I didn't truly believe their beliefs. Changing religions because he introduced me to it, however, is possible and I don't have a problem with that reason.
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He accepts me for who I am, and I'm far from perfect. He offered to set up a meeting with the missionaries because I was curious. That simple curiosity turned into something else as I was learning. Now it seems like facts that I didn't know about before.
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Christian beliefs were pretty much forced on me as I was growing up. I accept that that there's a God, but it always seemed like there was something missing from what they taught. This just FEELS so right.. Thank you all for your opinions and advice!
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I was going to change but I didn't go through with it. I had kind of a meltdown a few days before and I've never gone back. I think I made myself believe that I truly believed it when I didn't. Still, thanks to all for your thoughts on this!
Would you change your religion because of your boyfriend or girlfriend?
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