How do you attract a girly girl?

of all the girls i dated, Most have been kind of tom boy~ish. Nothing wrong with that they are awesome, just wondering what it would be like to date a more bubbly girly girl.

How would you attract a girl like that?


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  • I'm a girly girl and im extremely attracted to manly men. Like he should be protective of me and he should be tough and dominant, stronger than me. but by that i dont mean some macho men who will abuse me; i mean just very manly and protective, making me feel feminine around him. Like when he picks me up without even struggling or man-handles me when we play-wrestle, shows me he's stronger. So yeah thats about it :)


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  • I don't know, ask a girl to go shopping with you?
    (yeah I'm not a girly girl, and I also don't like to go shopping, so maybe that's why shopping is such a good way?) To be honest, I don't really know...

    • i'll have to try that one out. like clothing shopping or food shopping?

    • well, a lot of girls love to go clothing shopping ;)

  • Be a manly man with emotional intelligence.
    Girly girls tend to be the most sensitive but not always. Actually a lot of tomboys are really girly girls putting on a tough front to appear smarter and less ditzy thus less easy and vunerable. Doesn't mean they aren't.
    Tomboys and girly girls are just a mask. Has really nothing to do with what they really are like inside.

  • Go to a hmmm what do airhead bubbly girls do? Cheerleading class?

    • You're so arrogant!

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    • @tnixxxon: I think you meant ignorant. Regardless, it'd take a miracle to change either into something intelligent/decent.

    • Awww this is so sweet. You know me so well.

  • Interact with them.


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  • Act like a boyly boy

    • Haha with the tomboys you have to be so that is not an issues. just tomboys tend to be more like one of the guys lol

  • Just interact with tons of girly girls and one will like you. Date her.