If he plays footsie with me on a date does he like me?

I was on a date and we went to the movies and we snuggled a little bit, then we went and got icecream he was flirting a lot and I'm not great at that but then he put his foot on top of mine and I moved away because I thought he did it on accident. I even said "sorry" but then I moved it closer and he would tap my foot or rub my foot. Does this mean he likes me? Or was he just doing it because it was a date? And it's "proper dating etiquette" or something?


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  • I think that's kind of cute lol
    I think he was just being playful.
    As long has he wasn't trying to smash your feet and deliberately trying to hurt you, I'd say he was being flirty.


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  • His Foot on top... domination!

    get a grip and give it time... he may just end up being wrong for you in two months!!!

  • he was just being kind and polite or had already planed on that to impress you lol XD
    or ya maybe he's following a proper dating etiquette as you mentioned


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  • I'm pretty sure that the fact that you were on a DATE means that he likes you... And I don't think anyone would flirt that much if they didn't like you.

    • Okay. Well, see, he's the type of person that would go on a date with anyone that asked him. He polite that way

    • ah. I see. lol Well, I still think he likes you. If he initiated the flirting, it's for sure. I'd say flirt back and see how he takes it.

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