We play footsies - does that mean he likes me?

okay so there's 2 guys. there names are Jordan and Ryan.

sop, Jordan has a girlfriend. I'm friends with his girlfriend too. but like he always starts playing footsies with me. like he sits across from me in English, and he ALWAYS plays footsies with me. does he like me or something? because I use to be like in love with him last year. I used to really like him, but I don't as much anymore. oh yeah and he stares at me a lot. its kinda creepy. hahah.

and uhmm Ryan. I'm friends with his girlfriend too. but she goes to a different school, so he can pretty much do whatever in our school. and yeah so he does the same thing. he sits across from me in math. he plays major footsies with me. like its pretty crazy. does he like me? I kinda like him too, but he's going out with my friend too.

hahah help me? do they both like me? or are they just bored so they flirt? HELP?


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  • I play footsies sometimes because I have a foot fetish only if she's hot though.

    • Waait so he likes me?

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  • Maybe he's like, trying to get in your pants if he like already has a girlfriend. Annnnd I don't think you should like, do it because if he's like willing to cheat on his gf with you he's like going to cheat on you too.

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