If a guy doesn't like to French Kiss, how can I fix this problem?

As it is, my boyfriend rarely kisses passionately. I'm a passionate person, and its become like kissing your brother or something. Small pecks. Its not the breath, or he doesn't know how, its just because its "aggressive" and "gross" huh? Weird. Help here!


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  • I think the best thing to do here is just teach him. Have a date night and then schedule some time in there to say "hey, I'm going to teach you what I like and you can teach me what you like". And then just have him mimic what you do to him. It's a pretty big-time turn-on and it's a lot of fun. You'll find out a lot about each other, and you can learn some cool tricks too.

    The only other advice I have on this is not to take this too fast. If one of you isn't comfortable about it after a couple of minutes, then stop and try it again later. Take it slow and have fun with it.

    Also, if kissing your boyfriend feels like kissing your brother, you might consider:

    A) not kissing your brother anymore (not sure what the state laws are in Nevada on this)

    B) not thinking about your brother when you're kissing your boyfriend (i think that's mentioned in the Bible. Try the Old Testament), or

    C) asking your brother if he feels like he's kissing you when he's kissing his girlfriend. Maybe it's genetic anomaly. At the very least you'll get a priceless reaction.


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  • Not really, some guys don't do that all the time...for me, there's certain times, not all the time.a good passionate, knock the chic on her ass kiss, well, I keep my tongue in my mouth. if it is a, I'm gonna eat you alive kiss, well, that's different...

  • It seems like he doesn't want to give it all at once, but take time with you. The "physical" part in love relationship should never be forced unnaturally. You need to woe him into it and with time and first getting to know him much better first in person than body. But it could also be that he just doesn't like french kissing, but some other things... ask him, when it is the appropriate time in your relationship.

    • Thanks! Tried "wooing" him into it, but so far of 6 months no success. It kinda sucks. Oh well, that's what dating is all about. Getting to know someone

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