My boyfriend doesn't like to french kiss?

I got him to try it one time. It was nice, but it was kinda amateur. he didn't get it into my mouth too well, he just touched my tongue with his. I liked it, but he said it felt weird. is this normal? I will admit that my boyfriend it a little immature, but is this something guys eventually grow out of? (I'm his first girlfriend and his first kiss, but we kiss all the time, and I've talked to him about it, he seems kinda grossed out about it. is that normal?)

GUYS: do you like to french more then just using your lips?

GIRLS: what do you prefer? a guy who likes to french kiss a lot or a guy who thinks it's weird?


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  • I LOVE french kissing. My boyfriend, like yours. He's not a fan of it. So, I had to adapt to a new kissing style.

    Unfortunately, he idea of a hot make out session doesn't appeal to him..

    Perhaps, your boyfriend is still trying to get used to it. Due to it being his first kiss and all.

    Does he have a short tongue? - I noticed that SOME guys with short tongues, don't tend to french kiss.. Base on my experience anyway.

    • haha, yeah I know what you mean. I had to adapt too. we've kissed a lot actually, but I'm the only girl that he's ever kissed. I'm not sure if he has a short tongue lol :P

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  • Not everybody will like it. Just preferences.

    He may, or he may not ever grow out of it.

    You'll have to decide of that's a deal breaker or not.

    • no, its not a deal breaker. it just got me thinking about it.

    • LOL I don't blame you.

      For what it's worth, my wife doesn't really like french kissing either and I very love it. But she's an awesome woman who easily more than makes up for it in so many other ways.

  • Well, it's an acquired taste, no pun intended, so don't smartmouth him, and don't mouth off to him either. Just ask him to 'keep practicing, there, hot lips.!'

  • what wow are you guys like 12 years old or something geee

    • ouch. my pride

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    • Lol time will tell and we both know the true of the up coming outcome

    • time will definitely prove you wrong

  • how are we supposed to french kiss in your mind?

    • it was kinda between both our mouths. I was expecting it to either be in his mouth, or his tongue be in my mouth. it was definitely a french kiss. it was just very different from what I expected.

  • tongue Mmmmm yes I love it ...its okay he's a rookie we all grow out of it


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  • You know what, I really think that some people LOVE to french kiss and other people don't do it very much. It's kind of a thing that young folks like to do in public so that other people can watch them.

    I kind of think there are people who grow out of french kissing.

    Sounds like you might like a slurrrrrpy sort of guy instead.

  • that is weird I think guys like to french I know I do and so do all guys I've been with. just using lips gets boring!