I kissed a guy who wasn't my boyfriend. I should tell him, right?

So far, I've been with my boyfriend for about a month and some weeks, and I enjoy being with him. But I realized he's sort of scared to touch me; I guess he's nervous about what I would think if he would start feeling me up or something, even though I said it would be alright, but whatever.

As soon as I had a boyfriend, this other guy I used to like started showing interest in me.He's been coming over to my house the past two days, since I've been helping him study for French exams. He's been jokingly saying that he could steal me away from my boyfriend for himself, and that he might try to. And it's like he kept tempting me with things my boyfriend doesn't do, like rubbing my legs and arms, touching my face, etc. I don't like him, but I guess I'm just sexually attracted to him.

Anyway, he was about to leave and we hugged, and when he was about to turn and go out the door, I reached out for his face and kissed him...

Earlier today I was talking to my Aunt about how I was being tempted by so many guys since I started being in a relationship. My Aunt said that it was normal to be tempted, and its OKAY to flirt since me and my boyfriend are not serious, we aren't married (obviously), and we haven't told each other "I love you" yet.

So I guess what I'm asking is, should I tell my boyfriend I kissed someone else? Even if it was only a kiss, and the relationship I have with my boyfriend isn't serious? It just feels like we're testing the waters with each other... I mean, I had no right to kiss someone else, but he kept seducing me basically.

If my boyfriend would do the things to me that that guy was, then I doubt I wouldn't have even been tempted so easily. But I can't just put some blame on him for something that I did... I seriously regret doing it.

Ohh. I'm open to any kind of advice. Thank you.,
I kissed a guy who wasn't my boyfriend. I should tell him, right?
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