Should I tell my boyfriend I kissed another guy?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for two months, and are very close. He genuinely likes me and I see him almost everyday after work. However my boyfriend is a model, he is two years younger than me, and is booming. He has castings and commercials and photo shoots everyday. He is very good looking, successful, and has a whole future of fame ahead of him. As for me I am an average office worker, and sometimes I find myself feeling insecure and intimidated by his success and lifestyle. He talks a lot about himself, and usually I have nothing interesting to talk about. Sometimes I find myself wondering if he really likes me or not. When he's busy with shoots we don't talk much, and sometimes I find myself feeling lonely. He never mistreated me, but I just feel like this shadow with him. He is not much of a romantic type, and sometimes it feels like we are friends more than lovers. Yesterday he called me to tell me he was forced to kiss a girl a peck on her lips for a car commercial. And that he had a photoshoot with this really sexy model the week after for a brand of clothes (Yes he told me the girl was gorgeous and that I'd turn lesbian if I saw her). I know he had no bad intentions in telling me these, me and my boyfriend started off as best friends anyways, and I appreciate his honesty, but I felt sad. So that night he was tired, and I really wanted to go clubbing so he told me to go. I got really drunk, and bumped into a guy I used to date. The guy is dating now as well, but we sort off re-connected at the party and while he lead me to my car we kissed a little. I feel like crap about it and I don't know what to do. It's eating me up. Should I tell him? Why was I tempted in the first place? I'm so confused.
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The kiss was a peck but still
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Just an update guys. My boyfriend ghosted me around 3 months ago and one week later started dating the sexy model he talked to me about. Trust your gutt instincts fellas (but cheating is still never ok).
Should I tell my boyfriend I kissed another guy?
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