My boyfriend hanged out and kissed another girl while we were on a break, what should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now. Late March, I decided to take a break, have some time apart, cause I needed some alone time. When we first started dating, 2 months in, his ex spams his phone saying she feels suicidal etc…she drives to his house they talk and that’s that. I forgave him but I had trust issues and suffered from depression the entire 21/2 years and I never told him how I felt, I hid my emotions from him that I resented him for it. I coped by going out with friends and so on. Fast forward to the talk, I let him know how I felt throughout the years of us dating and he felt terrible that I was holding all that in. We agreed that we were taking some time apart; we won’t sleep with anyone because we’re technically still together. We would talk once a week to checkup on each other BUT his replies got shorter. I stalked his ig and a girl commented on his pic. I looked her up and her profile pic was of her wearing his work shirt, on top of that she had a Polaroid pic of him on the back of her phone. I confronted him and he did admit they hanged out a couple of times and eventually they kissed. His excuse was “You said you hated me and assumed you didn’t want to be together anymore” along with “You hurt me and I just needed a friend to confide to”. I admit I did do foolish things such but nothing that involves being with another guy or putting someone before him. I feel betrayed because he put his ex before me without asking me and now he put another girl before me again. He didn’t consider how I would feel if I found out. We’re back together but I still feel torn. How can I let him know how I feel? Or do you think I did the right choice to get back together when I haven’t healed from the first incident.
My boyfriend hanged out and kissed another girl while we were on a break, what should I do?
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