Girls: if you hang out with a guy after he says he likes you... Poll!

If a guy says he like you a ton(and you were dating up until the point) but you say you "don't like him more than a friend" and that the "feelings aren't mutual", but you still hang out with him just a few days after he confessed how much he likes you...what does that mean?

This girl is really shy, never had a boyfriend before, never kissed anyone before, and is going to Mexico for all of next year to study and teach little kids. She said she just hasn't known me that long and that "if it's meant to be, it will be." After I confessed how I felt and everything, she could have stopped talking to me but she responded to all my texts, and agreed to hang out tomorrow. Just me and her. Why? We are not going on "dates" anymore...just hanging out as "friends". We had one kiss on an early date but after that she said she isn't ready for that, and then on our last date she rejected my attempt for another kiss which is what started all this... another thing is that we texted a lot everyday for the past two weeks. She started half the convos so she wanted to talk. And all of our dates were amazing! Not just for me, because she had a great time also

I wish I could do a poll but my other acc was deleted. So...

A: She likes me, but isn't ready for a relationship.

B: She only wants friends and never anything more.

C: Friends now to see if feelings grow.

D: She is just scared of her feelings and doesn't want to admit them.

E: Just trying to be nice.
Girls: if you hang out with a guy after he says he likes you... Poll!
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