Does my friends with benefits want more? Confusing guy..

I have been friends with benefits with my friend for about a month. It was my idea and everything. It started out just hanging out every once in awhile, and only for an hour or so at a time. He would tell me how he felt and everything and that he cared. He'd try cuddling then I'd back away. After that, couple weeks later went by and he didn't really talk to me or anything. Week after he gets back to me and asks to hang out again. This time I spend the night and his friends end up calling me his girlfriend and smiling and joking around. He's really touchy feeling and cuddly, the sex is incredibly passionate and everything. He says something about moving forward (he's a bit tipsy when he says it) and mentions Valentine's day, and I say it'd probably be better and not so awkward if we keep things the way they are. Then asks me if the number of guys I have been with has changed or anything and if I've ever had a guy make love to me like he does to me. Another two weeks go by after that,. He then texts me to hang out during the afternoon. I agree to, and once again he's super sweet, cuddly, and everything. We have sex and its's super passionate and romantic,. The whole time he calls me his, that I'm his equal, we work together in a partnership, and keeps calling me baby and everything. He keeps saying I'm amazing and even brought up saying it's "okay" if I were to ever tell him during sex or just in general "i love you". He said his friends still always ask about me when I am not around if we are official or not He always mentions that we have something going on and there are obviously feelings there. He has said the past couple of times we have hung out that he likes me, and finds my body attractive. And that any guy would be lucky to go out with me. When I talk about other guys he just seems to get jealous or mad. He holds my hand and kisses my forhead too . We even hang out and he ALWAYS pays. He says he has not been with any other girls, and that I am all that and he doesn't want anyone else but me. But if that's the case? Why does he never text me during the week? He asks me the same thing too, but I don't wanna come across as clingy. ANd if we're friends with benefits shouldn't we be having sex all the time instead of just a few nights a week? My friends alll think he likes me, but honestly I am lost. Any ideas here?
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Oh by the way, he is my ex. We dated for a few months in the past but broke up because I was kinda a bitch to him and that made him an asshole. He has also mentioned going on dates and double dates with me and always willing to pay. WTF?
Does my friends with benefits want more? Confusing guy..
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