Guys, Does my guy friend with benefits want more or am I reading too much into his behaviour?

I met him on a dating app. We chatted and flirted for about 2 weeks. Then I met him at his place the first time and we hooked up. The sex was beyond amazing for us. We did the same plan again next weekend.
The two times we met, I was always the one who finalised the plan both times and he'd simply agreed without any issue.
I've noticed subtle behaviours though which make me feel he might like me as more. He kisses me a lot me, and passionately. He kissed me once on my head too affectionately. He suggested giving me a hickey on my neck. He ensures I'm also satisfied during sex. He cuddled once or twice a bit after sex. He always wants me to stay the night, and when I say I've to leave early, he persuades me to stay for a few hours the next morning also. We share a lot of common interests so we wtch TV shows besides sex, eat a lot of stuff we like, crack dialogues. Both times he's cooked for me on his own volition though that's also his hobby. He ordered my favourite dish once just because I mentioned it in passing. He cracked an out of the blue joke about a meme he saw somewhere about what a girl wants in her "boyfriend", which is to feed her and fuck her (our exact situation).
We share a similar sense of honour and get along really well. I like flat coke and when I told him he emptied all his bottles to keep some in reserve for me. I asked him if he'd come if I have birthday plans and he simply said yes without fuss. Even suggested what party plans I could have. But his texts are sporadic and light though he initiates texts at least once a day (morning, WhatsUp, memes). Once I texted him asking why his texts declined and he immediately called me to assure me he wasn't ignoring me and was simply busy. Also we used to have watch parties but that kind of stopped. We also do talk about sexual experiences with past people for perspective sometimes. But never to make the other jealous or anything.
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Update. Though I met him on a dating app, we never talked about what we want. As in whether we want to date or just be friends with benefits.. A label has never been put on us. We hit it off because of common interests and then when we met we spontaneously ended up sleeping together.
Guys, Does my guy friend with benefits want more or am I reading too much into his behaviour?
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