Is there any way to prevent my boyfriend from becoming a pervert?

By pervert I mean really disgusting. Please don't say I'm "sexist" I'm not.. I just don't want my boyfriend to say nasty things. I'd rather him not think then or not say them. Yes I know it's a part of growing up.

What I mean.

How to prevent him from becoming a extreme perv.
Should I wear baggie clothes? (To hide boobs and butt)


Again.. by pervert I know guys are gonna think "things" about girls okay I know that. But saying perverted comments... like serious comments.

The main reason I ask (he's in puberty ) he said a girl in a joking way "her shorts are so tight I'm surprised her pants down spilt" he was joking. But I noticed he was staring at my thighs (there pale and my legs are long)


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  • that's not a pervert...
    i previously might have thought the same, but being a pervert and being a normal guy is different. you can't do anything about it. just accept it. but you can tell him that those sort of comments make you uncomfortable but it'll only stop him from saying it in front of you.
    think of them as those springs in pens, the harder you try to repress them the more they would bounce back in a different direction. if you don't want your boyfriend deceiving you all the time then live and let go but you can tell him that it makes you uncomfortable.

    • yea the question asker seems to have some serious issues regarding healthy male sexuality

    • hahahaha yeah. i learnt that guys have to be guys. just the way girls will always fuss about their weight, hair, make up etc. we can't help it and have to just accept it :P

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  • Tell him it makes you uncomfortable when he says things like that. If he doesn't stop break up with him and find someone more mature, simple! I know when you're a teenager all relationships seem intensely important, but really, they're not.

    Don't go out with a creep whether you're 16 or 60.


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  • You should be forward about it and tell him that. You don't need to change your clothing.

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