Nervous guy sweating on a first date? Reason for no response to texts?

I went on a first date four days ago with a lovely girl but it was a hot day/I was nervous. I could not stop sweating :( my forehead was particularly bad. We left each other on good terms and she initiated a hug. I thought all was well but I have text her twice. Once after the date to say it was lovely to be able to spend time with her and another (Yesterday) asking her out tomorrow and have had no response. Did I do something wrong?

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  • No, you haven't done anything wrong. She just sounds like she might not be interested. BUT, I don't think that's because you did something wrong. I'm certain she doesn't know you well enough to even be able to form a legitimate opinion- which means there's honestly nothing you could've done. The chemistry just probably wasn't there for her, and that's nothing you could have controlled nor changed, so there's no reason whatsoever to fault yourself. From this point forward, I would not text her again. I would just leave it be for a while. The more persistent you are, the less receptive she will be. And lastly, if the sweating was a deal breaker for her, then you dodged a bullet. If someone is going to put so much stock into the fact that someone is sweating that they'd let that actually away their opinion of you, then consider yourself lucky that things aren't working out. Because if sweating bothers someone that much, how in the world would they react to genuine flaws? Not well. I think you should move on and not waste your time or energy on this girl anymore.


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  • It is really hard to know - what else happened aside from the sweat?

    If it is hot and I saw a guy sweat, I would obviously think it was because of the heat (and not nerves).

    If it was hot and a guy was sweating AND he was awkward and I didn't feel like I got along with him, then maybe I wouldn't be so interested in him.

    You've done all the right things, and all the things you can do. All you need to do now is wait. If she contacts you back, it is very easy to put in a line about "first dates are always nervous huh?" and chances are she was probably a little nervous too. Don't stress.


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  • finch an drb covered this wonderfully. Listen to them.

    No texting immediately after date unless she initiates. No asking for another date via text especially that fast.

  • If she didn't text back she's either busy or not interested. Confidence is a turn on for women so if she noticed you sweating and acting nervous (shaky?) it was probably a turn off. Also bad idea to ask her out in a txt. If you're not gonna see her man up and call her. But if she does not respond to your initial two txts just forget about her and move on. Take it as a learning experience. I'm not going to answer the poll because she may not have even noticed the sweating. Give it a few days and hopefully it works out for you, if not there are plenty of girls out there and eventually your confidence in those scenarios will grow

  • I don't think it was the sweat... seems like she just wasn't all that into you, which is fine of course.

    And if it was because of the sweat, then you dodged a bullet anyways. Imagine being with someone where you can't even be human? That does not sound like fun.

  • Embrace your nervousness and turn into a schizophrenic Joker. It'll totally impress her. Actually don't, just be shy, girls like guys who show restraint.

    • I am normally very shy but I have never felt this way about a girl so early on

    • Try running for a few miles before seeing her, the adrenaline will offset your shyness for 2 hours.