He invited me to Vegas?

So I just started seeing this guy, granted I will say he is very wealthy (only two years older than me) so I guess inviting someone to a trip might not be such a big deal for him. We met and had great chemistry instantly , we're both very similar.. He's from Kuwait and here till September for vacation ( I'm Also Arab so we share similar culture, Egyptian ) he mentioned he was going to Vegas and invited me.. I didn't think he was serious and was like lol maybe.. Then he kept bringing it up, anytime we talked about Vegas he said he wanted me to go with him.

He texted me and asked if I will go or not and I told him yes ( I live in Los Angeles and they're driving so I figure , why not! I've never been to Vegas before )

Should I think anything of this I think it's interesting that he's inviting me to a guys trip bc if I didn't come he could def. "Play" more , I really like him ( he's even invited me to come to Kuwait when he goes back ) and would love to date him also he is a very sweet person , very kind and caring I can tell this is his personality he's a bit shy even. He introduced me to all his friends / cousins and never tried a anything with me, we haven't even kissed!

What should I think about this?


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  • Hey, go and be pampered!! If things don't work out, it's easy to get a bus back to LA!!

    IF he is kind and caring (unless it is an act on his part) then what do you have to worry about?

    Of course I am thinking like a western guy and your culture may be a little different, but hopefully you just go and have fun!


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  • Make sure you're sober, you might wake up married.

    • Hahaha do people actually do that?

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    • Lol I don't think that will happen but other than that all this seems normal to you? Do you think he just likes me a lot or is spontaneous and a risk taker

    • I think both. He likes you and has the cash to randomly go to Vegas when he feels like it.

  • If he is from Kuwait he is possibly married.

    If you are into him just for sex then go and enjoy yourself. The only problem is are you his date or a date for him and his friends, if he sees you as a Western woman who happens to be Arab then you could be an easy mark.

    You said chemistry which means you possibly can fall for him, back in his country it will be very hard for you to be accepted due to your Western way of thinking.

    You understand Vegas is known as Sin City.

    Good luck,

    • lol why would he possibly be married if he was from kuwait? I know he isn't , he's 22 and in school.

      I purposely mentioned I was arab so that people would understand that I know about middle eastern culture and I know Kuwait is nothing like what you speak of it lol not all arabs are bad or conniving, I am American but like I said I know both cultures and am very smart.

    • Like I said he's been very respectful to me and introduced me to every one of his friends and they were very nice and sweet to me - even when we were alone the most he did was hold my hand.

  • He will probably want a sex at some stage.


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  • 0) I know my answer is very late..
    1) I'm Kuwaiti, he's Kuwaiti so I guess I know better
    2) if you understand the culture here, you know we don't drink or have sex, going to Vegas isn't ideal for someone who isn't thinking of that, therefore he must be thinking of that
    3) if you're ok with sleeping with him, go for it, if not, don't go
    4) Kuwaitis travel for sex, married or not I don't trust them, he's going to Vegas to have sex and kept asking you betting on it that you'll sleep with him
    5) people don't invite you on trips everyday, go enjoy it :)

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