How do introverted loners date?

I logged on here to ask this one question that seems to hang around me like a ghost:
How do introverted loners get into a relationship?

A lot of people I know, particularly the women, tell me I need to get out more and find a girl. I get bugged all the time about getting a hobby where I can meet women, about approaching women in and around work, etc. I'm an introverted loner; a recluse; who tends to hide in his apartment. I don't fancy going to bar, or clubs, or anything that attracts crowds.

I rarely meet women I'd date. I don't meet many women at all really.
How do people do it?


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  • Oh well hello fellow introverted loner. I too am one of your kind. I love to stay inside my home, and I fancy being alone with my thoughts when I'm out and about. I mainly attract old wealthy men, and just plain creeps.

    Online dating is your best bet. It gives you the chance to get to know someone without stepping foot through your front door. You can practically get to know (and share) your life story with someone you find interesting in the comfort of your own home.

    Speed dating was fun. It was actually a lot of fun. I didn't meet anyone I thought I would have a match with, but it was definitely something that I made a few friends out of.

    There's always someone for another. Good luck! xoxo


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  • You need to go out more to meet people, get some friend round, some dutch courage and just get out there. I sometimes experience slight social anxiety but then I think, I can be whoever I want to be. You don't need to be an introverted loner, live life and love it.

  • I had the same question only I had no idea how an introvert girl was supose to find a date or a boyfriend. Everyone said the same thing you need to get out more. Honestly I think an introvert girl and an introvert guy make the best couple so that the couple can do you things that they're both comfortable with so they can go to movie rather than go to a giant crowd of people or just hang out

  • On Facebook lol.
    Sound shitty but I am introverted too and sometimes socially awkward.
    Chatting is easier

  • Try getting out more. Try speed dating

    • Where do you actually to for that?

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    • Yeah definitely but of course use your best judgement when you're meeting strangers. That advice is true for every situation though

    • This is a good idea.. I'm introverted too and have done speed dating and have made friends through meetup. com

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