I stopped talking to him but now I miss him?

I was seeing this guy for past 2 months recently I stopped talking to him coz I found out he's a player and he's talking to so many girls at once.. He wanted to be frds I said no but then again I texted him by mistake some typo he only asked what was that I said it was by mistake and he said ok he didn't ask me how I am doing nothing at all.. Anyways now I really miss him coz we hit off really good and I thought he was the one for me I am really inexperienced in this field and I rarely dated anyone.. I am going crazy thinking about this guy he really doesn't give a shit about me I wanna talk to him insult him or whatever to make him not forget me and come back to me.. Crave me.. what do I do?


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  • Well you answered your own question. He's a player and you know it. That's what players do. They get the women to come crawling back to them. If you do that, you're lowering yourself to his level. Find a man who treats you with respect and appreciates you, and trust me, you'll wonder why you ever thought of the player in the first place.

    • I really cannot forget him:( I am so close to messaging him.. Actually he wanted to do stuff with me and I never let him like give him a bj and stuff maybe if I do would he be serious about me?:(

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    • How do I talk to other guys? I rarely go out with anyone.. People say I am goody 2 shoes and they don't want to do shit with me to ruin me or corrupt me watever.. I am really hating that maybe I shouldn't wait until marriage.. Seriously everything is about sex it's very upsetting.. Most guys I like have been with a lot of girls and they just don't wanna deal with me coz I make them wait or not give anything.. Can you tell me how I should be with guys in terms of how much can I give? I am sick of being that nice goody good girl f that!

    • Well men are sexual creatures! It's on our minds all the time. :) There's nothing wrong with being a goody two shoes though. You just start talking to guys. You're going to find a lot of jerks out there. But nice guys do exist. By talking to guys and such you'll gain experience on how to find the nice ones versus the jerks. Sure you may make mistakes here and there but you'll learn from them. Just don't be one of these women that finds a nice guy and then treats him like dirt!

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  • Do you actually want him back, or do you just want him to want you? Sounds to me that you don't even like him.

    • I want him to want me ! And I do like him lol it's just I am really angry at him for what he did:( he's talking to other girls I bet he even forgot about me

  • So are you saying guys and girls can't be "just friends"?

    • No they can't feelings do come in between specially if u initially started out by datih

    • Interesting...

    • You sound like the guy I wrote this question about

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