Why do I miss him so much?

He was my friend. I never wanted to date him. After a fight, we fell apart. It has been one year Since we last talked. I don't know why but I think about him everyday and dream about him every night. I am not happy anymore and don't like talking to people because they are mostly there to fill the void he left. I cry a lot thinking about how he is in his life and pray to God for his well being. Thinking about him make my heart beat faster. BUT I don't want to date him. He is not my type. My peace of mind has been ruined and my health is getting bad due to missing him. What should I do?


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  • Just go tell him your sorry and you miss him

    • Would it make it all fine? What if he doesn't wanna talk?

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  • Well if he really was just a friend, yeah, you can still miss him like that. My best friend is a dude and if we had a fight I'd be devastated especially if we lost contact.

    However I gotta ask, if him not being your "type" is the only thing keeping you from wanting to date him, you may have feelings for him even though you don't want to. I suggest you reach out to him and tell him how you're feeling, at least about missing him. You don't have anything to lose.

    • Yes I understand the whole being devastated part on losing a friend. But it has been one year. I have thought about him for every second of my life. Then seeing him every night in my dreams is too much.
      Yes, him being not my 'type' is the only reason I can't see myself dating him.

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    • And? For some people it's worth tucking your tail between your legs and reaching out, especially if you miss him that much.

      If you absolutely don't want to try to talk to him, you will still get over it in time.

    • Maybe I will surrender myself to time. I hate feeling so sad and depressed but I have no other option.

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