If he's over me, why does it bother him so much when we don't talk?

This is gonna be long, so I appreciate people having the patience to read it.

Ok, so he split up with me almost two months ago because apparently he fell out of love with me. I was really hurt and I admit that for a week or so after he left me, I wouldn't stop contacting him. I didn't beg him for another chance, just asked him repeatedly to tell me what happened. All he said was "I don't know." After a while he got annoyed (understandable) and he told me that he was cutting off all contact because it was hurting both of us. I cried for several hours, but I realised there was nothing I could do. So I sent him an email telling him that I was sorry for the way I acted but that I understood why he was doing it. Then I left him alone. There was no contact for a week so I assumed that was it and actually made some progress towards moving on, even though I still loved him. But then out of the blue, he unblocked me on msn one night and immediately asked how I was doing. I was shocked and so my answers were sort of cold. He seemed to get upset and asked why I was off with him. When I said I was confused about why he was talking to me again, he said "I realised I care too much to cut you off completely." For the next few days he continued to start conversations with me and we did flirt a bit. Then he got a girlfriend. We spoke a few times after the got together and he assured me he'd stay friends with me even if she didn't like it, but although he didn't block me, he then ignored me for a week. Then she cheated on him and left him for someone else. A few days later he started talking to me again. I asked why he'd been ignoring me and he said he'd just been busy. So again we started talking and flirting a little. Then he stopped starting conversations for a few days so we didn't talk. And then today he started again, asking how I was and why I hadn't been talking to him.

It seems like every time he stops talking, I start to forget him and then he comes back. He says he's over me but he gets quite upset if we don't talk for a while. Before and even during the rebound relationship, he was telling me he wanted to see me and that he missed 'us' and wanted a girl exactly like me. He also said I'm everything he's looking for in a girl. Please don't tell me to stop all contact with him, because even if it does help, I just can't do it and I don't want it either. I'm just wondering, if he's moved on completely, why does it bother him so much that I don't talk to him? Some people have said he's messing with my head, but it doesn't seem like it. He seems genuinely interested in how I am and what I've been up to. Could there still be some feelings there or does he feel as though he has to keep in touch? He's never stayed in touch with any of his other ex girlfriends and he ignored them if they contacted him. I've only talked to family and friends about this, so I'm looking for an outsider's opinion. Thanks a lot, sorry it's so long!
If he's over me, why does it bother him so much when we don't talk?
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