Why do I feel like this? And why do I miss her?

i want to try to forget about someone, but I seem to always have her back of my mind.
Me and her are now strangers, we have been strangers now for a few months but sometimes i miss herπŸ˜•πŸ˜”πŸ˜©πŸ˜­
i think it is because i did enjoy spending time with her, i took my responsibility when the things went difficult during the time I have known her and I'm trying to move on from that.
We met through the internet, then had a relationship with each other for about a month afterwards remained friends for months talking through the internet.
we were Literally talking regularly with each other as often as we could have.
man!, because I've known her for months, where I did enjoy the time with the girl, I seem to miss her!
If anybody wants to know, she ended up having sex with a guy friend of hers, I obviously did get hurt and upset by that because she always said she Liked me and shit.
I feel as though if I did that with a female friend, she would have gotten upset
Herself too.
I said stuff to her from the bottom of my heart such as "I want you to mother my children"
I respect her, I have listened to her and I never liked it when me and her have argued between each other!
I'm trying to focus and concentrate on my life but sometimes she comes across my mind.
She said things to me like what we were / what we had was a waste of time which isn't nice and something what nobody wants to hear from someone.
I sometimes feel as this is all my fault πŸ˜”
Does anyone have any helpful advice for me?
I think from the time I had with her, I became a better man and I did Learn how to be a better with females.
i enjoyed her compassion very much😊
thanks to those who were nice to have read all this stuff.
There is obviously more into what happened between me and her but I cannot explain how everything went Precisely!
I just want to try to forget about her.
I want my mind to stop remembering her!
Why do I feel like this? And why do I miss her?
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