I shouldn't miss her but I do?

I dont know why but I miss my ex a lot today. I haven't hooked up or been with another girl since out break up or basically had any intimate experiances since her.

In a nut shell, She left me. She then went psycho and texting myself call my mom
Friends cursing at us talking bad on my dead father sending me pics of guys she's fucking and saying fuck you to my mom. I then went to the polce after the f you to my mom and they told her to back off or she will be arrested. 3 days ago with the police.

For some reason i miss her so much. I don't know why. We were together on and off for 2.5 years and had a very intamate relationship.

I don't know why i just miss her, i feel like i am so lonely. Someone please help.


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  • It is normal to miss her. You were in a intimate relationship for quite a while. Just know that what your feeling is normal and you will get over her. When your ready you will move on. Just try to enjoy yourself.


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  • U probably still have some unresolved feelings for ur ex which is totally normal. What I would say is that even though she is always going to be a special place in your heart, u should try to move on and be with other girls. Good luck!!

  • It's normal to miss her.. it's like it's hard to move on with life with things without her because you were used always being with her. I feel you. This guy left me three months from now and all I did was to show him i was happy and can live my life without him. Enjoy yourself!


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