im having a panic attack, i told my crush that i "miss her" She's all i can think about?

Saturday a group of friends we all went to the movies and i was kinda her date i guess not sure, i picked her up at her house and got her in for free and i took her home in the car i convinced her to sing for me cause she sings during her singing she obviously to nervous and was like no i told her i wouldn't look she looked at the rear view window and sung then stopped and looked at me turned around and started singing agin playing with her hair, once i got to her house i got out the car gave her a hug and told her i'll see her next week for our little ice cream date. Now this is where i think i messed up two days later i texted her if she was busy this week and she told me not really, yet. i told her i was thinking we should get this ice cream and she said "lmao okay! and i told her "lol its funny that i miss (wife emoji). we have joked before about us getting married and stuff and i call her my wife and bae, she called me hubby once in a text, anyways she said its funny how i asked her (blush face emoji) and after that we talked a bit then she didn't text back cool over. now i told this girl i missed her i think i shouldn't have done that for some reason like literately she all i think about at night during the day in my dreams its driving me crazy. there no way this girl doesn't know i like her now what do i do?


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  • Relax, dude.
    I'm sure she appreciates knowing that u think of her and miss her

    • so it was creepy that i told her i missed her? doesn't seem needy or cligny i guess im freaking out cause i really like her and im really picky bout the girls i invest my time with im in it for the long hall haha

    • Yea, I hear you. I think a lot of people should be that way. I am extremely picky with who I invest in my time with as well. I don't think it was creepy of you to tell her you miss her lol. Us girls love that stuff.

  • Just ask her out.


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