Why do I miss this girl so much?

Okay. About a month ago I went out for a walk and stopped for a drink in a pub in Limerick. There were two girls drinking at the bar (in their early 20s, I am almost 30), one of them saw me rolling a cigarette and asked me if I had one to spare. I gave them one and they both said "you're so nice". When we were outside smoking, one of the girls told me that her friend had just had an argument with her boyfriend and that she was a little bit upset. The girl in question (very friendly, pretty, dressed not at all like a slutty-type)-wrapped her arms around my ribs. She then apologised for hugging me but then I told her that she could hug for as long as she liked. I then held her close and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. They then went to meet their friends in a different pub and that was that, I never saw them again.

I have thought about here since then. I have gone back to the same place hoping to meet her but to no avail. Nothing remotely sexual went through my mind while we hugged and kissed. But I miss her so much. I want to meet her again so badly...

A few weeks before that I was wandering around Dublin waiting for a ferry to Holyhead so I went to a well-known pub just off Grafton Street and I met a wonderfully friendly lady (much older than me this time). We talked for about an hour and when we said goodbye she hugged me and squeezed me very tight. I have replayed the event in my mind since and it certainly was a highlight of my trip.

So why do you think I miss these girls?
Why do I miss this girl so much?
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