Define 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd, base, etc. And also, what should happen or not happen in a 1st date, 2nd date, 3rd date, etc?

Hey everyone. I am not American, and I do not live in the US, and to be honest the whole dating system you guys have there is new to me, and kind of hard to understand. What's with the date counting? First date, second date, 3rd date? Also I get the general idea of "touching 3rd base", but again.. makes me curious as I come from a different culture.

Can you explain what each base entails? Like, how do you move from 1st to 2nd to 3rd?

Also, about the dating part... why do you count them, and when do you stop counting them? Like when you get exclusive, or get to bed together, or what?

Please educate me :-)


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  • 1) Making out
    2) Cuddlin, boobs n butt
    3) Oral
    4) Goin all the way, if you know what I mean ;D

    As for what should/shouldn't happen on the first, second blah blah date, whatever you feel comfortable with is the right thing to do ;)


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  • For starters it's different for every person. But for me:

    1) Kissing. Clothed cuddling/Spooning
    NO: Touching of 'areas'

    2) Less clothes cuddling (possibly naked). Maybe touching of 'areas'

    3) Plain and simple- Sex

    To move from base to base, it all depends on how comfortable I am with you and how well I think we connect. Could a while before one moves from first to second base and longer to get to third.

    Again, this is just me.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it. In my head it is unique to each person but there seem to be some "standards" as to when sex is involved right? meaning 3rd base...

    • No problem. I wouldn't necessarily go as far to say there are 'standards'. That would suggest that it is the norm, and like I said it's different for everybody. Some people fly through the bases; or a 'home run' a 'one night stand' 'FWB'

      Personally, marriage=sex. (i'm not really religious/abstinence either) it's just the way I think.

    • Good points. I'm not the same about marriage-sex but that is a personal choice and I really respect it.

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