Why do men show a connection and interest then back off?

This guy was showing interest for a short period of time we started talking again. Inviting me places and telling me that I'm not like most girls cause of my intelligence. Now he doesn't even message me.

Why do guys do that?


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  • Given that he expressed interest in you over a short time period, during which he cancelled two dates without rescheduling, I'm assuming his opinion of you changed, or his initial interest level in you was not notably high. Or, he realized that his priorities precluded him from pursuing you seriously, and thus, he does not want to waste your time.


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  • Because you didn't make a move. He decided to move on. Apparently you aren't interested enough to ask him out.

    • But what if he cancelled both lunch plans HE asked me out on? The second time I got kind of annoyed and since then he hasn't really talked to me.

    • Said he had projects for school to finish..

    • I think that it is completely separate from whatever reason he stopped.

  • a lot of possibilities, may be when he got to know you better he thought you werent that compatible.
    or you didn't show interest back
    or he got really busy

  • Probably you just didn't show enough obvious interest back. He assumed you didn't like him much or at all. And he moved on


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  • Either he has severe adhd (he probably forgot you existed), he's a player, he got really busy... stalk his fb or message him demanding an answer.

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