Guy I'm dating says he wants to draw me? Should I let him?

He's minoring in Art. We've been dating for two weeks. He want's to draw me nude. Have been naked in front of him before-- but we haven't done it, if you catch my drift. I have some reservations about him drawing me nude but what do you all think?


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  • If you are comfortable with it, and he has seen you already, then I don't see anything overly wrong with it. Make him be nude to draw you though, that should take some of the pressure off of you and put you on equal footing. It is a pretty common line for 'artists' to use, but there is nothing inherently wrong with it.

    • I'm comfortable with him.. just the idea of the picture "getting out". Or god help me my mother would have a heart attack if she saw a nude drawing of me.. haha

    • If you are worried about the picture getting out, just don't have him draw the face, or have him draw the face with a veil, or without the eyes... basically a way to make the picture 'non-recognizable'.

      I suppose some of that will also depend on how good an artist he is. But if you are willing to 'be exposed' for his art, he better be willing to adjust what he draws to protect your identity if that is what you request. It has to be give and take, you both have to be comfortable.

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  • He wants tim raw you like one of his French girls? Don't let him do it on a boat

    • Pahahaha!!!

    • To draw, not tim raw. Stupid ipad

    • yes.. the titanic scene did come to mind.. haha. I just don't know if I feel comfortable about having a naked drawing of me that could be spread around. Plus he's drawn other girls in his classes nude (one of which he keeps up on his wall in his room-- kinda weird), and I don't really want to be just another drawing of a naked girl he's seen..

  • let him draw you naked


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