My boyfriend keeps bailing, am I overreacting?

My recent boyfriend of a couple months has started bailing on me whenever we make plans. He's always seemed slightly flakey but now I've noticed him bailing with excuses and find out he instead is hanging out with his friends, drinking.

The most recent time, he wanted to take me to a breakfast place that was supposedly so good. We were supposed to go last week then something came up for him. So, we planned the next week on Sun. He seemed excited about it, talked about all week and kept saying he wanted to see me before breakfast on Sunday and on Sun.

Saturday night he went to a friends party and I was with my friends. I asked him if he still wanted to go in the morning because he was pretty drunk and I was making sure.

He didn't respond until Sunday at 12pm saying that his friend got a DUI and that he was in jail trying to bail him out all morning and he was sorry he didn't respond sooner.

Then later I went to work (at a restaurant where goes often-how we met) and he was there watching the football game with his friend, completely drunk. Another server told him I was coming in and that he should say hi, then he tried to leave before seeing me.

I saw him and his friend tried asking me to go play pool with them another day at my boyfriend's house and I was so mad I told them I would see, and he said "you will, you always come over". Like I was desperate and have nothing better to do than to see him.

That night he texted me saying he could tell I was mad and that he didn't mean to upset me. He went on and on saying that he didn't do it intentionally and that he was sorry and that he's not used to being in a serious relationship.

I was still mad and texted saying I don't like when he bails and that we should talk about it in person not over text. He hasn't responded since then and it's been a couple days.

Even though I'm still mad, should I reach out to him first? Am I overreacting?


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  • Don't reach out to him. Dump him. Move on. Sounds like he's a total loser.


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  • Sounds like this will be a reoccurring problem with him even if you talk about it. If you're ok with a guy you can't rely on and treats you disrespectfully then feel free to talk and work it out. But i wouldn't recommend it

  • He has taken you for granted. Dump him.


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