She cancelled our fourth date because she became ill, but is that really why?

Hello all, first post here. :) I recently came out of a relationship of 2 1/2 years back in May, and started seeing this girl who's in a similar situation. We're both 21, final years at different universities. I have a huge crush on her, and we kissed on dates 2 and 3 (okay date 3 was a snog!) and spoke to each other through the night afterwards. We haven't had sex yet.

To cut it short, everything was going so well - we both made it clear that we really liked each other and couldn't wait to see each other again. When she smiled at me her face would light up in this beautiful way I'd never seen it do before. We'd made plans to meet up on the weekend.

Throughout the week we were texting every day but then the day after our third date she fell silent. I asked her what was wrong over the phone and she said she was feeling ill and had to cancel our next meeting. I offered to bring her something to make her feel better through the recovery but she refused. A whole day passed without any communication. The next morning my friend convinced me to text her checking in if she was okay, and she replied a very short but quick text saying she was still ill. I wished her well again and joked (stupidly I guess) that I hoped she hadn't forgotten about me. Since she hasn't said anything back, and it's been a couple days.

Am I being paranoid? Is she really too ill all of a sudden to drop me a line, or has she lost interest? I find it hard to believe, as we really had something special the last time we saw each other. Or maybe heaven forbid she's scared to tell me it won't work out. I'm not by any means the perfect guy.

Either way, I wish she'd say something. It's made a huge lump in my stomach the last few days and I've been getting really sidetracked from my work! She's really all I can think about. Lame, I know, for a 21 year old. I've seen it all before, yet for some reason keep getting caught in the love trap!

Thanks in advance for any advice. :)
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I should mention that nothing at all went wrong on the third date. It really was out of the blue...
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Thought I'd give an update on how this went. In the end, she really was ill, but also was having second thoughts. Apparently me getting her flowers and surprising her deemed me 'immature', reminding her of her ex. So that's that then...
She cancelled our fourth date because she became ill, but is that really why?
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